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12/29/2009 8:28:17 PM -
Last DL Video before BBing Show plus Sloppy Joe Recipe

12/29/09- 12 Days Out from BBing Show
Tuesday- Wave 2/Week 3

Bodyweight- 169.6

60 minutes fasted AM cardio (watching "Hard-Boiled"...great action flick actually, gun fights are awesome, perfect treadmill movie)

--- few hours later ---

(85%)425x3 (belt on)

2)Glute Ham Raise (Nebula Model/torso going only to parallel/approx 60s rest between sets)
BWx10 x10 x10 x10 x14

Glute Hypertrophy Circuit (although I certainly won't be experiencing any increases in size at this point)

3)Barbell Glute Bridge (BB rests on hips as I pummel it into the air using my man-loins)
135x15 x15

4)Single Leg Hip Thrust (btw benches)
BWx10 x12

5)Seated Band Abduction (doubled mini)
x15 x15

Man, I felt wrecked after this. This was my last deadlift workout, and that's probably a good thing. I purposefully pushed it more hard than I usually would these last few weeks since I knew that today would be my last DL before the bodybuilding show. The weight actually didn't feel like I went balls to the walls, but I can just feel the overall fatigue accumulating.

Also, I didn't get my meals in fast enough today. I'm realizing that the best way for me to eat for energy is to get the first 3 meals in within 6-8 hours after the morning cardio, and then space the next 3 meals out if I need to. Today, I ate meal 2 at 1:30PM and my next meal, post workout was at 5PM. No bueno.

But what I made was the tits (awesome). My version of a chili burger/sloppy joe. The recipe still has some perfecting to be done, but I'll leave that up to everyone else to tinker with. I think if I wanted to make it more sloppy joe-y, then I would have added more Splenda.

The PWO meal was aimed at 45 grams of protein and 60 grams of carbs.

1/2 cup kidney beans (20 grams carbs/7 grams protein)
1/2 cup Whole Foods crushed tomato w/basil (8 grams carbs)
1 packet splenda
chili powder
teaspoon soy sauce

Mix together.

1 sprouted grain sesame hamburger bun (32 grams carbs)

Toast it.

4.5 oz of 96% lean ground beef.

Cook that shit.

Cut up the ground beef into small pieces and mix it together with the sauce. I carried them separately with the mix in a Tupperware container and the buns in tin foil so they wouldn't get soggy. Pop it in the micro and it's just like camping with Pa.

Also, this all made more than was in the picture. I had leftovers of the mix that I ate with a spoon and sopped up with the burger buns.

Sloppy Joes; better'n Sloppy Ho's

never been camping with my dad,
Matt McGorry

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