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12/30/2009 10:15:49 PM -
Upper Body- 11 days Out

Upper Body- 10 days out from BBing show

60 minutes AM fasted cardio (started watching "Enemy at the Gates")

--- few hours later ---

1)Bench Press
(cut it off need for me to go any higher this close to competition)

2a)Incline Neutral Grip DB Bench
70x10 x10 x10

2b)Dumbell Row

3a)Alternating DB Curl
35x8/side x8 x10

3b)DB Lateral Raise
35x10 x10

4)DB Zottman Curl
20x12 x12 x8

--- few hours later ----

45 minutes of cardio- 30 minutes on the fan bike- 20 rounds of 15s hard/45s easy in 4 bouts with 3 minutes of easy pedaling in between

finished up the 45 minutes with incline treadmill walking

This was pretty tough today. First lifting session on a low carb day and it ended up having to be broken into 3 pieces because my work schedule was pretty hectic as well. Decided to cut off the bench before going to my heavier set. There's no point in risking injury like that right before competition. My bench sucks right now anyway, what do I have to prove?

Happy that the gym is closed Thursday and Friday actually because it means no work. I know that these extra days off will benefit me in terms of just being able to rest and better recover. Mainly because I'm too stupid to cut back on training clients anyway.

Had one of the trainers that I respect take my bodyfat today using calipers that we plugged into a 7-site Jackson Pollock test. It came out to be 5.95%. I've never been one to really give a shit about the number, but I think it's cool that I'm at 6% or a little under. The funny thing is that at this bodyweight, the difference between 6% and 5% is really like a pound and a half of bodyfat.

I'm really looking forward to the high carb day on Sunday. More than I'm looking forward to New Years. It's funny that I now seem to look forward to days best on my carb rotation more than the fact that they're major holidays.

Matt McGorry

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