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1/21/2010 10:09:00 PM -
New Comedy Video I'm Inplus Bench Training

Thursday- 1/21/10

11 days out DL-only Raw Unity Meet

1)Fat Bar Bench Press (bar is 37lbs)(all reps paused)
218x5 x5 x5

2a)Front/Lateral Raise Combo
22.5x10/per position
20x10 x10 x10

2b)Wide Grip Fat Bar Pullup
BW+10x8 x8 x8
BWx8 x6

3a)Cable Tricep Rope Pushdown
105x8 x8 x8 x8

3b)Seated Fat Gripz DB Curl
27.5x8 x8 x7

Used the fat bar today for benching for the first time in a very long time. I've decided that in addition to changing up my deadlift programming following the Raw Unity Meet, I'll be changing around the bench as well.

I'm going to go back to something more like what I used when I started powerlifting. More singles, triples and work in the 90%, 95% range with rotating ME exercises making use of various bars, accommodating resistance, boards, etc. I believe that it's time for a change that this can benefit me well because it's so far from what I've done over the last two years. Rather than a DE day on the second day, I'll probably do some moderate rep range work on a barbell bench variation in the 5-8 rep range.

In the past when I used this, my technique was simply too crappy to be constantly rotating exercises. But since I'm now much more comfortable with my bench technique, I believe that I can still move to various bench variations without losing my technical proficiency.

And finally, here's a new sketch comedy video that I did with CollegeHumor a few months ago....just came out today.

Matt McGorry

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