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1/24/2010 4:10:05 PM -
7 Days Out from Raw Unity Meet DL only

Saturday- 1/23/10- Lower Body

60 minutes AM fasted cardio

--- few hours later ---

1)SSB Low Box Squats to foam
205x3 x3 x3 x3 (focus on speed)

2a)Glute Ham Raise (roller model/B-C setting/rear elevated on 4' box)

5kg plate behind headx8 x8 x7 x7

2b)Decline Reverse Crunch (45 degrees)
BWx10 x10 x8

Sunday- 1/24/10- Upper Body

7 Days Out

1a)Flat Neutral Grip DB Bench Press
80x8 x8 x9

1b)Chest Supported T-Bar Prone (prone medium grip)
110x8 x8
120x8 x8

2a)EZ Bar Tricep Extension
80x8 x10 x10

2b)Low-to-High Cable Fly
30x10 x10 x10

2c)DB Hammer Curl (w/Fat Gripz)
30x10 x10 x10

Starting to feel more and more rested every day. I think that the strength will actually be pretty decent by next Sunday and I should be on target to pull the 500lbs.

Bodyweight was 175.6lb today, so there will probably be a few extra low carb days next week in addition to some extra low intensity cardio sessions. I'm really looking forward to pig-out after weigh-ins, it's been a long while since I've done a day before weigh-in.

I'm just hoping that my belt will fit decently the next day.

Maggianos will be mine,
Matt McGorry

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