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2/12/2010 10:05:49 AM -
Squat/Current Diet & Cardio Split

Squat- Thursday- 2/11/10

Bodyweight- 181lb

1)SSB Low Box Squat (soft box, narrow stance)

2)Leg Press (narrow stance, toes out)

3a)Ab Wheel
BWx8 x8 x10 x8

3b)SSB Good Morning (explosive concentric)
(arched back)
105x8 x8 x8
(round back)

The soreness from Monday's deadlift session lasted until Thursday. My obliques are probably the most sore they've ever been. My guess is that it was possibly the decline situps with the dumbell.

Anyway, I'm experimenting with making the second lower body day more of a quad dominant day as a compliment to the deadlift/low back/hamstring day done on Monday. I'm trying not to push things too hard on the squats with the volume because I'd rather it not interfere with the deadlift.

Current Diet & Cardio Split

BW Goal- Maintain 180-185lb (with the exception of the day after my cheat meal)

2 High Carb Days (squat/deadlift days)
2 Medium (bench/upper days)
3 Low (60 minutes low intensity cardio)
Cheat Meal- 60 minutes all out/1x per week

Last week, I let myself go off the plan when I felt that I needed it. It was a nice little mental break, and this is my first week back on the plan.

I have two changes that I'm considering making to the original plan. The first is that I'll do more than just the 60 minutes of all-out eating for the cheat meal. Rather, I'll allow myself a second meal of moderate proportions to cheat.

I've found that I'm still a little (a lot) preoccupied with food these days. Me and some friends made it a weekly plan to go out to dinner Saturday nights to a different restaurant in the City each week. But I find that I've been stuffing myself beyond belief and end up feeling like shit for the rest of the night. In fact, for a good portion of the meal, I'm just focused on shoveling food in my mouth out of habit formed during the bodybuilding prep cheat meals. I knew that it was my only chance to be truly full, so I was trying to fill up as much as possible.

At this point, I'd like to psychologically recondition myself to actually enjoy the food more and think less about simply getting as much down as I possibly can. So my experimental solution will be taking the Saturday night cheat meal to a moderate proportion (entree, side, and dessert rather than several of each) and having another moderate to small one on Sunday (brunch and a small dessert for example or maybe an ice cream).

I think that the second cheat meal will serve as a mental cushion from feeling like I have to hoard food during the first, and hopefully have a better psychological effect overall. Because as much as I enjoy food, I don't want to be thinking about it all day every day. It's nothing like when I was getting ready for the show, but it still occupies more of my thought than I'd like it to. Also, it will let me be able to think of "the weekend" as being more free rather than just a one-time deal on Saturday night. This should be a big mental help during the week.

The other change that I'll make is probably making Monday (deadlift day) a super high day. We'll see where the bodyweight ends up at that point.

I heart food,
Matt McGorry

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