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2/16/2010 12:01:16 AM -
Upper/DL w/Video and why I love my job

2/13/10- Saturday- Bench Assistance/Upper Body

1)Football Bar Floor Press
185x5 x5 x5

2a)Standing DB Lateral Raise
35x10 x10 x10 x8

2b)EZ Bar Tricep Extension (to top of head)
+55x8 x8 x10

3a)High Pulley Fat Rope Tricep Extension
70x10 x8 x8

3b)DB Hammer Curl
35x8 x8 x8

3c)Prone Rear Delt DB Fly (on bench)
10x12 x12 x12


Monday- 2/15/10- Deadlift Week 2 (out of 10)

365x5 (belt on)

2)Romanian Deadlift (w/straps)
245x10 x10 x10

3a)Lat Pulldown

3b)Decline Situp w/DB (on chest)
45x10 50x8 x7 45x7

---(left to go to my other gym and finish)---

4a)Glute Ham Raise
BWx10 x8 x8

4b)Seated Cable Row (neutral close grip)

5a)Standing Ab Pulldown
50x8 x7

5b)Bent Over Barbell Row (prone grip)
160x8 x8

The video is mainly for me to compare the speed of my lifts from this week to last week. They look a little faster, but it's hard to tell. During my phone chat with Rick Hussey, I think I gathered that the weights on the deadlift itself would be staying relatively the same for the first few weeks as the assistance work increased, but that the last few weeks the deadlift would be pushed up with the assistance work remaining the same.

This week, most of the assistance work seemed to go up a little bit. Not as drastically as I might have hoped, though. The Romanian DLs became 245lb for 3 sets of 10 rather than 2 sets of 10 and one set a 235lb. I suppose that's progress.

He emphasized that I should be accelerating through the whole deadlift. Since it's light, that's the least I can do. I have my worries, but will follow obediently for sure. I always do when agreeing to try someone else program...that is, when I respect them enough to try it in the first place.

Diet Observations

I ended up at 179.5 on Saturday morning before my cheat meal. This is a little bit lower than I was intending, so I may add a little more calories during the week. Either as a third high day or turning one of the highs into a super high.

I had the Saturday night cheat meal at a great NYC BBQ joint called "Blue Smoke". It truly was wonderful. I had "hush puppys" for the first time ever and it was delicious. When asking how many people the dessert sampler would feed, the server said 3 or 4, so I decided to split one with my friend. When it got to the table, I ordered my own and let the table have the other by themselves.

Also, I had decided that I would let myself be a bit more lenient on Sunday as well. I've come to realize that not determining specifics in that way just leads to me drawing out the process over many hours...which is what happened. So, I'll probably just make it a single cheat meal on Saturday and Sunday. But even this time, knowing that I could have something on Sunday prevented me from stuffing myself on Saturday beyond the point of ridiculousness. It was nice not to feel that desperate need to gorge.

Why I Love My Job (being a trainer)

Today was great. Four cool things happened and it made me feel awesome.

1) The client that I've had for the longest time, a few years now, has always struggled with his weight. Being 260lbs as a teenager, we've always had a tough time getting him the body comp that he wanted. He'd always fall off diets he did, would binge drink on the weekends, and always was a bit aimless.

I have him working with Shelby, and after some weeks of poor adherence, he's really starting to "get it". He's gone 51 days without a single deviation and has looked better than he ever has. At a party this past weekend, everyone commented on how amazing he looked.

He thanked me and told me what a great feeling it was and that he can't thank me enough for helping him look and feel the way he's always wanted. He started tearing up, and so did I. That's right, my eyes were moist. So I made him do more hammer curls.

2) I've been working with this client for less than a year now. When she first came to see me, she was very overweight, but had already lost 125lbs. Her doctor told her she couldn't lose any more weight because her leptin levels were screwed up. What a damn idiot. He is a published author so his "diagnosis" obviously held some importance. The diet she was on was starvation level and fucked in terms of macronutrients.

I had her begin working with Dr. Brooke, the co-author of a new book that will be coming out through Rodale, "The Ultimate You". It's a women's fitness and nutrition's going to be great. She's had a very difficult time because she really does have many health and hormonal issues but she emailed me today saying, "I now have reached a number on the scale that I have been waiting to get to for about 3 years".

I told her that she's going to use her prowler pushes to ram that doctor into the wall next time she sees him.

3) I've been working with this guy for around a year. When I started with him, he was soft and weak. He benched 140lb for 8 or 10 at around 200lbs during our first workout. He couldn't do a single chinup. He's just a banker who enjoys training for different goals. Two weeks ago, he benched 225x5 and today he benched 257lb and did chinups with 20lbs extra for a few sets of 6 reps. I feel like a proud father.

4) A client of mine who is a female model began working with me very recently. I got this text today; "I'm at the gym now, just took a glimpse at my toosh, and its getting there, thanks to you!"

That made me smile.

It's nice when a couple things like that happen in one day, it reminds me why I really love my job. My trainer back in the day really took the time to help me and was patient with my laziness and lack of ability. Lifting grew to be one of the most important parts of my life, and now I have the honor of passing that on to others.

Matt McGorry

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