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2/17/2010 10:46:39 AM -
Lower Accumulation

Starting back into real training again. Not sure yet when my next meet will be yet. Probably next big meet I do will be the SPF ProAm in August. May do the Ironhouse meet as well, but its not going to be a meet I train for if I do.

Jump Rope
50 jumps

Lax Ball

Foam Roller

Static Stretch 2x15seconds
IT Bands

Deadlift off of 2" mats
370x5x6 (50%)

All of the accessory work was done for 5x15, alternating style, with 1 minute rest between sets.

1A Chest Supported Row
1B Leg Curls

2A DB Shrug
2B TRX Rear Delts

3A Fat Gripz Holds 15 second holds
3B TRX Face Pulls

Hamstring Stretch
Piriformis Stretch

At this point, I am completely sick and fucking tired of my deadlift being in the shitter. I figure I will pull off of mats until the next meet, and then be able to do something awesome. I really feel that my deadlift PR should be a lot closer to 800 than 700 and right now its at 700. I'm going to work hard this cycle on getting it to where it should be. Going to be beating the shit out of the grip work too, so then there are no excuses. We will see how it goes!

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Feels good to be back to training and posting,
Jason Pegg

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