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2/21/2010 1:04:32 AM -
Week's Training- New Diet Plan

Wednesday- 1/17/10- Upper Body

1)Fat Bar Bench Press (all paused)

2a)Incline DB Bench
65x10 x10

2b)Seated Fat Grip DB Curl
27.5x10 x10 x10 x12

3a)Fat Grip Rope Tricep Extension
95x10 x10 x10

4)Keiser Cable External Rotation
9.5x15 x15 x15


1/19/10- Friday- Lower Body

1)SSB Box Squat (close stance to low foam box)
245x5 x5 x5

2a)Leg Press (toes out)
385x10 x10

2b)Ab Wheel
+20lb vestx2 (stopped because I felt an alien chest burster was going to come through my abdominal wall)


1/20/10- Saturday- Upper Body

1)T-Grip Barbell Floor Press (no idea how much this thing weights, my guess is between 45-65lbs, I'll count it as 55lb)
190x5 x5 x5

2a)DB Lateral Raise
35x12 x12 x12

2b)EZ Bar Tricep Extension (not sure of the weight again)
+50lbx10 x10 x10

3a)Rope Tricep Pushdown
50x10 x10 x10

3b)Seated DB Hammer Curl
35x10 x10 x10

My apologies for the slow updates of the log this week. My roommate just moved out and the cable bill was in his name, so I'm currently without internet from my house until they can reinstall it. Pain in the balls.

Anyway, I got sick this week and ended up taking off Friday. Felt pretty drained towards the end of the week but got a ton of rest on Friday and am feeling a bit better now. I just need to get some more sleep on a consistent basis. It's amazing because I feel like I know plenty of people that get less than 6 hours of sleep per night and are fine. But if I get 6 hours of sleep every night for a week, I'm pretty much guaranteed to get sick. Whatever, it is what it is.

Big Diet Change

I'm going to make the most drastic nutrition change that I have in over a year, and there's a few reasons.

My mind is still more preoccupied with food than I'd like, and I find myself getting more annoyed with food prep than I have since I first started carb cycling. Having food take this much mental energy is annoying and consuming in a way that I'd really prefer it weren't. It's still residual stuff from the bodybuilding prep, not doubt.

As my schedule has gotten busier and busier, I find that I resent the prep more and and more. So I'm going to try a program called "Five Squares". Basically, they deliver meals to your door every day in a cooler (I'll have them brought to my gym) with 3 meals and 2 snacks. I'm going to try this just during the week to start, where I'll make my own first meal of the day and probably supplement with shakes during the snack meals, since it's intended for people who are trying to lose bodyfat. It's nice, they don't charge for double protein portions. :-)

So while this may not be as ideal as carb cycling, I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. On my lifting days, I'll probably have a breakfast with more carbs and on the cardio days, I'll make one with less. I can even have them do some days that are lower in carbs than others.

If this averages out to freeing up an hour a day when spread across grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning pots and pans, packing meals, etc then it'll be worth it.

I'm starting Monday, so we'll see what happens.

Matt McGorry

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