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3/2/2010 10:39:24 PM -
Week 4 DL Program w/Video plus LIFE UPDATES

Monday- 3/1/10- Deadlift

365x3 (belt on)

2)Romanian DL w/ straps
265x10 x10 x10

3a)Lat Pulldown
85x8 x7

3b)Glute Ham Raise (hands behind head)
BWx10 x8 x8

4a)Cable Row (neutral grip handle)
100x8 x8 (form got a little sloppy)

4b)Decline Situps w/DB
75x8 x8

5a)Standing Ab Pulldown
50x10 x10 x8

5b)Bent Over Barbell Row (prone grip)
165x8 x8 x8

The weights felt okay this week, but not great. Assistance work moved up very slightly, but I think I was taking more liberties with form than I should have, simply for the sake of getting a few extra reps or a little extra weight.

Update on Life, Training, Diet, Business, etc.

I'm way behind on the logs. Time seems to be nowhere to be found right now.

I didn't post the rest of last weeks logs, and I still won't. I think anything other than my deadlift training for right now probably won't have weights listed since the numbers are so crappy. That's kind of just the way it's going to be. Focus is shifting a bit to my training and acting business and the lower bodyweight certainly doesn't help anything. This is the turn that my life is taking, and I've made peace with it.


Took the last week and a half to satisfy any and all food cravings. Lots of ice cream, barbeque, and all kinds of junk food whenever I wanted it, on top of the foods in the diet plan. I canceled the meal delivery system and am back on carb cycling. I'm too anal not to know exactly how much food I'm consuming almost every meal, ever day (unless it's a cheat). Blast and dust, you guys know how it is.

Anyway, bodyweight moved WAY back up this past week, but now I'm back on track with only one weekly cheat meal; my usual Saturday restaurant night.


This week is absolutely insane; I'm attending 2 seminars, doing 4 improv shows, and it seems like all of my clients are currently in town. I've switched to a 3 day per week lifting schedule to fit it all in. Right now it's;

Monday- Deadlift/Back
Wednesday- Bench/Upper Push
Friday- Squat/Shoulders/Triceps

with all off days being 45 minutes of low intensity cardio.


Dr. Brooke is the co-author of a new Rodale fitness book for women that will be coming out called, "The Ultimate You". She interviewed me on the bodybuilding prep and wrote about it in her blog post.


My client roster is pretty much full at the moment, so I'm exploring some new business ideas. Mainly, referring out to other trainers at my gym and taking a small fee from the session. This will be my first real attempt at any kind of passive income. Other than the hamster webcam business that I tried last year. Didn't work out well.


I've been using the medication Propecia (for hair loss) for over a year now. As of tonight, I'm officially going off of it. I think it's really been destroying my sex drive for the last half of the year. On one hand, I've had a really productive year, but on the other, it's been way too long since I've really cared enough to take the initiative towards...ya know, making whoopie. If this ends up being anything like my post-bodybuilding show food-rebound, then I'm going to end up in sex addicts rehab in 3 months.


I made a grocery list for the first time every today. I got so used to aimlessly wandering around the supermarket thinking about the foods that I wanted, but I think that this is going to cut down on my time committed to the diet immensely. That's a necessity at this point.

That's all for now. I think I'll probably update the log twice per week for a little while until things lighten up...or until my training gives me something better to write about.

time to shower?,
Matt McGorry

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