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3/9/2010 1:36:58 AM - DC Barbell, Muncie, IN
Another Monday tugging Session

Had a few guys in the gym today. Ball State is on Spring Break this week, so numbers will be down some. Decided to pull some today, as my deadlift is still in the dumpster. Was me, Joe, Sam, Big Swole, and Brandon. Alva showed up later, as he was working 700 light years away. he ended up pulling 405x10, which is a huge pull for him after all of this time off he has had.

100 Reps

Lax Ball

Foam Roller

Static Stretches

Hip Mobility Stuff

Deadlifts off of 3″ mats, NO BELT

605×3 PR
The first and 3rd rep were good technique wise, but rep number 2 was a stiff leg. Also, deadlifting is HARD without a belt when done like this. My saving grace is that I beat Big Swole by 50lbs and 2 reps. He also wore a belt.

Barbell Rows

My low back was fried after the deadlifts. Was all over the place. Probably could have done more, but was starting to get a fairly significant heave after 4 reps.

Safety Squat Bar Good Mornings

Upper back exercise
Not sure what these are truly called. I’m going to get a video of the technique though, as this is a lift that HAMMERS your upper back.

DB Shrug
EVERY rep was done with a 3 second pause at the top. Ass kickers for sure.

Pulldown Abs
Heavy for 3 sets of 12.

Fat Gripz DB holds
70lb DBs for 3 sets of 15 seconds

Then I stretched out some and had some clients come in. Good times, but my back is SMOKED up. Took a contrast shower and had my wife do some work on my back before bed, and I feel much better now, but will be pretty sore tomorrow.

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Got to get the back strength up,
Jason Pegg

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