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5/2/2010 3:32:15 PM -
i have now decided it's time to do some assist work. i haven't totally incorporated it into my program yet so bare with me . I'll start with improving my shoulders and arms

I'm going to approach this from a bodybuilding point of view. I'll be working towards more balance these muscle group to prevent injuries and improve my overall performance. I'm trying to keep these workouts under a hour and 15 minutes at first working towards no more than 45 minutes in the future.

3 cycles all done in super-set style

first circuit

bent-over lateral

35*15 35*15 35*15

incline laterals

25*15 25*10 25*12

hammer behind neck press

180*10 180*10 180*10

rest 1 minute

front raises

20*15 20*15 20*15

db shoulder press

50*10 50*10 50*10

rest 1 minute

second cicuit

cable crossover

80*20 100*15 100*10

decline bb press

225*10 225*10 225*9

rest 1 minute

3 cicuit

incline db curls

40*8 40*8 40*8

narrow grip pull ups parallel grip

bw*6 bw*6 bw*4

faded a little towards the end

Charles Bailey

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