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5/24/2010 10:11:33 AM - JPegg/Lexen Xtreme
Squats and Pulls with Chuck V. at Lexen LONG POST

I figure I will talk about the training stuff first, as this is probably going to get a bit long winded. I squatted with Chuck Vogelpohl, and his guys, Jerry O, Nate Strong, and Mike, who I had never met before. Seems like it will be a good group of guys to train with for sure. Here is what I did.

Foam Roller
Hips, IT Bands, Quads Back

Static Stretching

Free Squat with Mastadon
Bar x10
Bar plus 1 chain*/side x5
bar plus 2 chain*/side x3 Chains were kept on for all sets after
420x1 PR

Added a high box (2" above parallel)

600 plus chain x2 PR

*The chains were the big ass boat chains that they have at lexen. Each one is 60lbs, so the 4 chains was 240lbs of chain weight. The kicker was that both ends were hooked to the sleeve of the bar, so they were free hanging the whole time. They swung around like crazy. Chuck also tore down my squat form pretty good. I will talk about it more after I get the numbers out there.

Pin 2 Rack Pulls against Quadded Purples
455x1 PR

Chuck showed me some stuff here that should definitely help my deadlift come August. Also, this felt a LOT heavier than the 805 from last week.

Started with 2 plates, and one of the boat chains hooked to the front, at which point 7 more chains and another boat chain were added to the end of the boat chain. Surprisingly, the group shrunk a bunch to Chuck, Mike, and me. We were dragging it about 45 feet or so? I'm not really sure. The weight on this thing was absolutely ridiculous. We were dragging the whole thing backwards. I didn't make the first trip. I came up about 10 feet short. I didn't feel that bad about it though, as Chuck was cussing it up one side and down the other. After the first trip from all 3 of us, it was decided to take one of the plates off. We all did 3 more trips with it, and then I was done.

Chuck tore my squat down good, as far as my technique goes. I wasnt aware of this, but my chest was collapsing a bit as I came out of the bottom of the squat, even on my warmup sets. To help remedy this, we moved the bar higher on my back. This let me get my hands in closer and keep my upper back tighter. We also changed my head position. before, it was fairly neutral, and back into the bar. Now, with the higher bar, I am also noticeably looking up at the ceiling in front of me. This should help me a ton down the road, as when I miss a squat, it is 99.99% of the time forward on the way back up. it also helped me arch my back harder, and keep the bar over my hips more. This should really come in handy when it comes time to load up the suit with some stupid weight.

As far as the deadlift goes, Chuck showed me how to actually use a hook grip to pull with. It was definitely different than what I had thought was right up to this point. I ended up going up to 315 and the bands, and coming to within about 2" of locking it out before it ripped the big callous off of my finger. This should help a ton come meet time, especially after I get some time to work on it. I also learned to REALLY throw my head up and back once the bar passes the knees. This helped my lockout a ton, which, after my grip, has been the biggest problem with my deadlift. On the 455, I felt all sorts of stuff in my chest and shoulder pop and "tear", and it hurt like a bitch. It was fine today (Sunday) though, so who knows what the hell it was. There was no bruising or swelling, and lord knows its not going to hurt my bench at all!

I am sore as shit today, and seriously dreading tomorrow. Between my hips and my back, I don't know which one is worse. Doesn't matter though. Nothing is torn off, and it will be good by the time next Saturday rolls around.

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My deadlift feels good...for now,
Jason Pegg

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