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6/16/2010 7:03:32 PM - Lexen Xtreme
SQ/DL Accesory Day

Made it into Lexen at 910. Chuck had conveniently forgotten to tell me they now start at 830, so I was a tad late. hahahaha Shit happens. Still got in a good workout.

100 Jumps

Foam Roller
Hips, IT Bands, Quads Back

Static Stretching


These were done with 3 second negatives. Weight was lowered over the toes which makes it much harder. We were standing on wrestling mats as well, which made the instability a pain in the ass. Back was not happy with these


Done with a 16" log. These kept the bar WAY out in front of you, which only served to further hammer my lower back and hamstrings. Emphasis on these was really accelerating the bar once it got to the knees, to lockout.

Close Stance Belt Squat
4 plates and 2 quarters x10,10,8

x 10,8 Drop set

First time using a belt squat. Fuck that thing. We squatted onto a hassock that was about 2 inches below parallel with a shoulder width stance.

Pulldown Abs
Heavy 5x10

My lower back was locked up like it hasnt been in a very long time during this training. No idea why, but it was NOT comfortable. Spent my time between sets laying on the floor or leaning on equipment trying to get the pump to go away. It was absolutely pointless.


Finished up after work when my back had decided to let some blood flow to other parts of my body. Hit the recumbent bike for 30 minutes at ~120bpm to get some blood flowing, stretched out, and hit the whirlpool. Felt a million times better afterwords.

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