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10/7/2010 7:25:56 AM - Frank
Pec Tears

Hi Dave! sorry to hear about your dad. I follow your videos on youtube and have learned quite a bit and your really funny when you swear ... shit gets me going!!!! anyways I have a problem with my bench... 4 yrs ago i had a small pec tear in my right pec you can barely see it it looks like the muscle slipped down the tendon about a quarter inch maybe less i never even experienced any bruising or anything it was just sore the day after here is the problem EVERY time i hit 305lb for a single i manage to tweak/strain the pec, i have tweaked it 3 times since it first happen 4 years ago and every time i have to lay off benching and go on to another pressing movement. This is really aggravating id really like to do sets with 315, i have the capability to move the weight im just scared that i'll re injure it its so frustrating ... what can i do ?


Sorry to rear about this and best of luck to you.

I lived this nightmare for years after my pec tear. It's my guess most of what is happening is tearing of scar tissue. Here are some of the things that finally got the problem to stop for me.

1. I stopped using a denim shirt and went with a Metal Viking (this was awhile ago).

2. I made sure all my speed work for the bench press included chains or bands. Chains always worked better for me.

3. Most of my max effort work also included chains or bands.

4. I took out anything (other than the flat bench) that I ever strained it on. So floor presses and Close Grip Inclines we out.

5. I maintained a 1:1 ratio of full range press to partial range presses with weights 80% and under. With weights over 90% this was .5:1

6. I stopped all flies, band flies, machine flies, etc entirely. While I used to think they helped they actually made it worse.

7. I did ultra high rep reverse band presses a min of one time per week. These were 100 rep sets with 95 pounds and a average band. The weight would be zero on my chest.

8. I doubled my tricep volume. I still kept my heavy tricep work the same but always added in band pressdowns, cross body extensions, pressdowns, etc at the end of my training. These were light "finishing" type movements that were gauged by how pumped I got. The also increased my volume in a weigh that provided less stress on my joints and the pec/tendon.

9. I began with ART therapy and then went with just using the trigger wheel 2-3 times per day on my biceps and pecs.

10. I changed my technique so I pushed the bar in a straight line instead of flaring. After many years I did change back but there was no way I could have done that earlier.

When I did happen to restrain it I would ice for one day and then begin ROM work asap and do some type of ultra high rep stuff 2-3 times per day. This would help me get back faster.

I should also note with each one (there were many) I would have my doc check it just to make sure the tendon was still attached. If this comes off it changes everything. Most of the time it was just tearing of scar tissue and slight muscle damage.

The good news is you can come back and smash your PR's!

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