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11/14/2010 11:23:40 PM -
Saturday Squatting, a story, and a PSA.

Getting ready to start a new training cycle for March, and had no idea where my maxes are at, as my training has been, to put it politely, not fucking happening. have been working on that. To be honest, I trained 3 times last week, bnut it wasnt anything earth shattering, so, rather than waste your time reading it, I figured I would just not post it. Anyway, here is what I did Saturday.

Walk aimlessly on Treadmill
5 minutes

Foam Roll
Hips, quads, IT Bands, Hamstrings

Free Squat RAWDOG
600x1 This was easy. Felt like a lot on my back (wonder why???) but went down and up easy. Thought this was pretty funny too, one of the people at the gym said "You squat a lot deeper without gear on." I didn't know whether to be proud or ashamed.


Decline situps
25lb weight behind head 5x10

After lifting, I headed back to the house, jumped in the shower, got dressed, did something else awesome, and hopped into the car for the 3.5 hour drive to Louisville to the Easyrider show. Went down to see Wendlers new bike in all of its almost-assembled-but-not-quite glory. OK, I'm busting balls here, it was assembled, but had no fluids so it couldn't be started. Also got to hang out with Jim, Will, his brother Warren, and some other dudes. Was a good time. On display were some cool old bikes, a bunch of gay baggers, and some gay custom bikes that never get ridden, probably because they live on a trailer and/or look like shit.

Part of the fun was the drive down. Got to Louisville fine, and it started raining. Also, my GPS shit on me, and sent me to the wrong convention center down there. Ended up paying 8 dollars to drive 20 minutes around a parking lot and realize I was at a fucking livestock show, not a bike show. A quick phone call, some screaming, and new GPS destination got that fixed. Made it to the show fine, parked, walked dowmn the street, only to see Warren and Jim walking down the road hammered. They had been outside approximately 30 minutes. Went into the show, and made an appearance at some sort of business conference. Not sure what it was, but it looked like 50,000 asians line dancing to a song I hadn't heard. Pretty creepy. Got yelled at by the door guy too, but all was well after I assured him that my watch was indeed the band required to get into the party. After the show, got Wendlers bike loaded up, went to Wills Parents house, ate a shitload of good food, and hung out for a bit. Then started the drive back. Made it back to the 'Bus about 3am, and I promptly slept until 1pm today. You know, for recovery purposes.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT A 400 tire on a bike is plain fucking retarded. Its on par with having flames on the tank and/or entering a stock bike with a custom paint job. Don't do it. Hope This Helps!

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Warren has vagina buttons and skinny jeans,
Jason Pegg

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