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11/21/2010 11:20:50 PM -
UGSS Squatting As High as Carroll (ALMOST) and Tugging

UGSS was this weekend, and all of the fatheads were out, bloated, purple, and totally out of shape. I was anyway, I don't really know if I can speak for anyone else. Except Jo Jordan. The man looked pregnant. I managed to show up fashionably late, but earlier than I should have, at 930. I should have waited, as Team Wenning and his crew Mike, and everyones favorite Beetlejuice impersonater, the one and only Krischain mellow. Dude must be part dragon, because he was breathing FIRE on people. He managed to squat something pretty respectable too, can't remember the weight though. Approximately 7 hours after I got there, Wenning hit 755 a blue, green and purple, and took his shit down so the 42 guys waiting to squat could do so. Also, part to show my ass, and part for effect, I did all of this stuff in my vibrams. Somply to prove the point that your shoes don't fucking matter. See the pic...I'm the good looking dude that isn't Al Caslow.

Here is what I did:

540x3 (added belt after)
640x1 (added briefs after)
This is the most weight I had had on my back since late June/early July, when my hip exploded. It showed, as it felt like 1400. Still went down and up. I called it a day, as I had been on the mono for an hour or so at this point. While everyone else was squatting, I went next door, snuck some food, and watched guys hit some big squats. Carroll went 1050 or so, Driggers hit 910 pretty well. Jo squatted 850? Caslow hit low 8 something, I believe. There was a lot going on, and, well, to be honest, my memory sucks something awful sometimes. Lots of strong dudes getting after it. Jon Taylor squatted too.

I had planned to deadlift, but grew tired of waiting to eat after squatting. I went ahead and did some SSB Good mornings. 5x10 with 135. My hamstrings and lower back hate me.

Then I did the same thing for my upper back. I am going to call them upper back good mornings, because every person I asked had no idea what the hell they were called. Sample size was 2, by the way. 135 for 4 sets of 10.

At this point I was finished, and relegated myself to bitching about how tired I was, and heckling everyone else who was doing stuff way better than I was. Pretty standard Saturday for me I guess.

Had a really good time with it though, aside from being tired and kicking my own ass. Got to meet a lot of good people for the first time, and hang out with some of the guys Ive become friends with. Tons of strong people doing cool shit, and Andy Deck doing some dumb shit with a 50000 pound sandbag. NUTS.

Want to take a second and say thanks to Dave for having me out. There was a shit load of food, drinks, and tons of other stuff available all day for us, and it definitely didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Except for your jeans. Send those things back to 1986 after you're done with them.

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I had the best beard ALL weekend,
Jason Pegg

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