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1/30/2011 5:24:45 PM - Ben Brand
back Bi's and comment's

Bent over rows
135 x20
225 x10
315 2 sets x10]
365 x10

Wide grip lat pulls
I have a plate loaded pull down so...
180lbs x15
370lbs 3 sets x10

Face pulls with average band
4 sets x20

Hammer curls
60's x10
70's 3 sets x10

Standing band curls with light band
I stand on the band and do curls with it. It works pretty good
4 sets x20

That's all I always look forward to lifting on sunday I really enjoy training my back.

I was reading all of the comment's from the article of the poll of who's log do the readers like. One comment said that my log was nothing but numbers. I want my training log to be the best that it can be so if anyone reads this and has a idea on how I can make my training log more interesting or better in anyway please let me know. Being apart of elite is the one of the best things that has happened to me in this sport and I would like to do my very best to give back to that. Please email me or hit me up on the Q and A. Thanks!!!

Train Hard!,
Ben Brand

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