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1/31/2011 11:49:04 AM -
Saturday Lower Accumulation and Seminar Writeup (kind of long)

Was up and at EFS early due to having to get training in and finished before the 930 start time of the seminar. Me being me, I managed to oversleep about 30 minutes and got there a bit later than I wanted to. Still got my main work in, even though Dave wanted started early. Here is what I got done...

Stationary Bike
5 minutes

Static Stretching
Hips, hamstrings, groin, ankles

Squat with Mastadon Bar
385x6,6,6,5,5 (55%)
Squats went as well as weights in this percentage range should go. Depth was there no problem, and technique was spot on. Im not sure why, but my hips never loosened up and hurt like a bitch on the last 3 sets. Don't know if I wasn't warmed up as well as I should have been or was unconsciously trying to sink them, but it sucked either way. If this happens again next Saturday I am planning on adding my briefs in a week early and will move the weights up so the percentages stay the same in gear as they are in the briefs.

385x6,6,6,5,5 (~55%) I ran the weight up on these a bit this week, as I knew with the way Saturday was going to be set up timewise, along with my total lack of decent sleep all week, and the requisite studying for tests, my total volume would have to go down some. Not bitching, as for now it is the life I choose, but I would be an idiot to ignore these variables.

My pulls are coming back around quickly. Last week they felt heavier than they should, and this week they felt like nothing. I'm finding that the increased ankle mobility work and stretching has really helped me be able to get my hips down lower where they SHOULD be, and my pulls feel much stronger as a result. Right now, Im looking forward to seeing how they turn out at the meet, because usually my deadlift feels like shit, even when they feel good.

Stopped it there, as I still had to change, and Dave started the seminar about 30 minutes early. My role in the seminar was pretty easy, as 99% of what I had to do was teach and coach the 3 main lifts to the groups. The groups were big usually 10-12 lifters for each coach. I was kind of nervous about it, as I didnt want anyone to feel like they werent getting their moneys worth from the coaching and technique correction end, but in the end it worked out really well for my group. Didn't have any problems getting the guys to help spot, load, or run the monolift, and that helped a bunch. Identified a ton of flaws in guys, and did what we could to get them fixed. There are a few problems with stuff like this, but I tried to offer the guys some info on how to work around them. It is hard to get guys to remember everything that you told them, first off. Some of the guys were pretty solid technique wise, and others were very new to the gym. The more advanced guys only had a couple of more minor adjustments, whereas the newer guys had a lot of both major and minor corrections. Given the atmosphere and excitability of the gym and the seminart, its easy to forget stuff. Second issue is that guys with multiple issues try to fix everything all at once. My advice to them was to work on one thing, get it fixed, and then move to the next. Along with this, I also tried to get them to fix the small things first, and then move to the more complex issues. this sounds counter intuitive, but the small fixes are the easy fixes, and get corrected faster. Biggest issue is that technique fixes arent something that get fixed with one session. Its not like ART, or a massage, and you see instant improvements. Takes time. Chuck Vogelpohl still lets his head come forward sometimes, and he has been doing this at a world class level for many, many years.

Benching went well, and was more of the same, as far as technique fixes and the like go. I will say though that teaching a guy who benches flat footed how to get leg drive on the bench, and hearing him scream "OH MY GOD!" as he figures it out in the middle of a rep is a pretty big deal to me. Means a lot that I can help people, and to see that happen, naturally and unforced, means a lot to me.

Deadlift went pretty fast. I worked with a bunch of guys who pull conventional, and the technique there is pretty straight forward.

I definitely had fun with it, as I feel that the guys I helped learned a lot from me, and had a good time. I think I'm fortunate in the fact that I can tell a guy his squat "looks like shit" and not be condescending about it. I'm a big fan of the fact that I can immediately help a guy make it not so awful. A lot of people helped me in that regard, and I feel very fortunate to be able to give back and share what Ive learned.

I would liek to say thanks to the guys who wanted to be in my group, and have me coach them up on their lifts. That you have enough respect for me and my knowledge and opinions that you see me as someone you want to learn from is very humbling, and I really appreciate it. I hope you found what you learned from me, and at the seminar to be worth infinitely more than what you paid for teh seminar, and everything it involves.

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That was longer than I thought it would be when I started,
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