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2/6/2011 1:41:23 PM - Ben Brand
Back and Bi's and thoughts on my training

Palms in lat pulls
270lbs x10
320lbs 3 sets x10

Incline chest supported dumbbell rows
90's 3 sets x10

Face pulls with average band
4 sets x15

Hammer curls
60's 3 sets x10

That's all I'm really beat up from yesterday which is one reason why I know I need to do more free squating there is no reason why I should be this sore from a workout. I'm going to try and free squat once every 3 weeks and see how that works for me. Also I need to make a better effort to clean up my diet which right now is shit. I'm carrying to much body weight and it's killing my deadlift. Now I'm not exactly built to deadlift but when I pull conventional I can't even get my knees inside my arms. Another thing that I'm going to do is heavier shoulder work. I was at my good friend and training partner house last night watching the ufc fights (Anderson Silva is the man by the way) and he has every powerlifting usa from the 80's till now. I was looking a a issue from I think it was 88 and the cover was of Bill Kazmaier and in the article it had a picture of him doing seated millitary presses with 440lbs. I've bench 655 raw and my shoulder are weak compared to that. I'm going to put more effort into getting my shoulders stronger and I think my bench will benifit from it as well.

Ben Brand

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