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2/21/2011 2:31:03 PM -
Saturday Squatting and Rack Pulling VIDEO

Found out a few things in the gym Saturday, none of which were good. Some were worse than others. I put the gear on, and had planned on working up a bit, and it ended up going to total shit. Started out good until I put the straps up. This has always been my issue, and I'm seriously thinking about cutting them off and just using some old shoe strings in their place. That was the first issue.

SQUAT with Mastadon
530x1 (added belt after)
620x1 (added briefs after)
710x1 (added suit after, straps up)
800x0 (Couldnt get setup, tried 3 times)
620x2 (straps up) Went better, was actually able to do some work, but in creeps issue number 2. I hit depth here. Both times. Got to get some weight on....

Pin 6 Rack pulls
585x1 (Added straps after)
905x0 This is issue number 3. I get literally no carry over to my deadlift from these with the pin this high. They are strictly an ego lift. My best pull to date is 735, and that was done last January. I get NOTHING from them. That being said, felt good to do something heavy after shitting the bed on the squats. I should say too that I didn't realize how bent the rack pull bar was. It was almost like pulling off of pin 7 its so bent. However, the pins were in hole 6, so thats what I'm calling it. Ill pull something off of Pin 4(3?) next weekend.

I keep cutting off my nose to spite my face, I HAVE to stop that,
Jason Pegg

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