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2/28/2011 2:30:42 PM - Ben Brand
Dynamic Bench

I warmed up with about 15 min of battling ropes. I went as long a I could then took about 30 sec break and went again.

Speed bench with chains
bar x25
added chains x10
135 x5
185 x5
225 8 sets x5

Palms in close dumbbell presses
by close I mean I kept the dumbbells closer to my body for more triceps.
110's 3 sets x20

V bar pushdowns
100lbs on the stack
3 sets x10

Dumbbell side raises supered with front raises
40's 3 sets x10 of each

Shrug machine
4 plates per side
4 sets x20

That's all I went to the gym today instead of lifting at my house like I normally do on Monday's. The weather was really nice out except it was raining. I took my one Bulldog's and on the way home he must of thought the windshield wipers were some sort of a monster because he was trying to attack them. I had to pull over and put him in the back seat. It was pretty funny though.

Ben Brand

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