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3/2/2011 11:13:27 AM - Jason
Tuesday Week 10 Deadlift and VIDEO

10 weeks out from the Gorilla Squad meet in Kentucky this week. Time to get after it. I'm fortunate to have Brian Carroll doing my training for me for this training cycle. I'm so damn busy with work, school, and traveling its going to be nice to not have to think about training at all, and just go in and get it done. Hoping to push my body weight up some as time passes too. Walking around at 280 or so most days, and thats down about 20 pounds from where I was at for my last meet training cycle. Here is how it went down last night.

Up to 80%x3 590lbs I put the wrong weight in the video. Whoops!

Block Pulls
Up to 85%x3 625lbs


Reverse Hyper

Leg Press
6 plates plus the 4 billion pound sled for one set of 30 reps. This was brutal.

I think the block pulls are going to help my deadlift a ton. The blocks put me in a bad position right where I tend to miss. These are much different than Ego(rack) pulls for me. I can ego pull a shitload, and get no carryover. I think from doing these they are going to be a big help to my pull, but time will tell.

Here is the video. Has all of the work sets for the deadlifts and block pulls.

Professional at Everything,
Jason Pegg

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