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3/8/2011 8:54:31 PM -
Tuesday - deadlift training

Pvc rolling

315x1x5 -- worked form

6" Block pull:
*with all doubles, I flipped(switched) my over/under grip on each 2nd rep

Conventional DL stance SSB squat:

DB shrug: 3x12
Barbell shrug(double overhand): 2x10(wanted to test forearm)
Hammer curl: 6 sets of 3 KM
Standing ab crunch w/EFS strong band: 3x12
Wide lat pulldown: 3x12-- slow w/pause at chest
Reverse hyper: 3x12


May not have looked like mucho work, but it was.. although the intensity and weight was very light. I'm just getting back into the swing of things but with a quicker pace. I should be back on track now and will be able to start doing some real stuff now. I will know for sure after saturday, where I will take some weight in briefs -- maybe 7's? I have to know that my back/hip is ready, though.

I have some goals to hit and they will not happen if I'm not 100%. I'm still dialing in my diet and paying for some bad food that I ate this weekend with some PMS like BLOAT.

FYI, if pegg posts up another squat video without wearing his knee wraps, I will drop him and no longer help him. Not because of anything other than his legs being too skinny and pale. He needs to cover those puppies up with SOMETHING.. ANYTHING, PLEASE.

he literally looks like santa -- beard, legs and all,
Brian Carroll

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