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3/14/2011 7:06:31 AM -
Shoulders 3-11

Seated dumbbell presses 20x20,30x20,40x20,50x20,60x20,20,20,20
Upright rows 45x10,95x20,20,20
Rear delt laterals on incline bench 15x20,20,20

Shoulders (delts specifically) are another area that I need to bring up in order to compete on the national level. They separate nicely when I'm each shape and are balanced from front to rear but I need more overall size in them. I have been doing all different types of raises and laterals for higher reps and sets but my delts don't appear to be growing the way I need them to, so I'm switching the exercises up and including some dbell pressing, upright rows and a different variation of bent laterals that I haven't done in awhile.

In the past my biggest problem with pressing for my shoulders has been that it negatively affects my benching. I have tried lots of different ways to work around this but without success. For the time being this shouldn't be an issue since my tris are limiting me as to how much weight I can handle for the pressing movements.

I was actually surprised that my tri was able to handle the 60lb dbells for presses but things are way ahead of schedule and improving nicely from week to week. I expect to be back to using respectable poundages within a month or so which should give me plenty of time to be 100% for Jr. Nat's in June.

Matt Kroczaleski

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