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3/14/2011 9:45:05 AM - Jason
Saturday Squatting with VIDEO

Squaterday at EFS again. Not sure what Exactly was going on, but when I got there at 930 there were approximately 7 billion people there to train. Not really, apparently it was the normal crew and a camera dude, but it seemed like a lot. Guess because everyone was piled in around the monolifts, gearing up and being awful. All I know is that I got handed a shirt and told "Dave wants you to wear this" so I threw it on and went about my business. There were 5 or 6 of us squatting, and the exercise of the day was reverse EFS Pro Light Band Freesquats, GEARWHORED TO THE MAX. Knew this was going to be a banner fucking day for a couple of dudes, as the bands let off about 900 pounds in the hole. OK, it was more like 150-200, but still. It is one of those "If you can unrack it you can squat it" lifts. I trained with Ted, Steve, Scott and Mike. Ended up going well for me, here is how it went.

665x3 (added belt and briefs after)
765x1 (added suit after, straps up, and knee wraps)

These went pretty well, I guess. Feels good to have some weight on the old back, and talk lots of shit to everyone. I know Ted hit a solid 900, not sure about everyone else. Scott has cirrhosis for sure, his gut is bigger around than Jeff Lewis at 40% of his bodyweight. Also, let it be forever known that Mike Harris has the absolute worst hip flexibility and mobility of anyone Ive ever seen. Lucky guy. The things must be like rocket boosters out of the bottom, assuming he can hold enough weight on his back to get him down there in the first place.

As for the rest of training? Today, the squats were it. That's how it goes for me sometimes. Work hard enough at the main lifts, and you don't need accessory work all the time. Unless you want to be awful.

Here is a video for you to enjoy. You can see my new Planet Meathead shirt hidden under my 24 plies of armor suits. Yes suits. I wear 2 suits, instead of a suit and briefs. Because I am a supreme Gearwhore.

Also, as a final aside, please excuse my horrific math in the videos. I think they're off on every video Ive done since training started. They're right in here though. All that matters.

1035 feels infinitely heavier than 700. Because it is,
Jason Pegg

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