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3/22/2011 12:44:03 PM - Jason
Last Week Training and Stuff (LONG)

Last weeks training was all over the place. It was finals week for school. Lots of studying, finalizing projects, and general stress abounded. i think between that, work, and everything else in life I managed to wing about 3 hours of sleep a night from Saturday night through Thursday. Also left my job at the Capital Club. I ended up not doing any training all week, although for some reason it didn't feel like it.

I was supposed to pull on Tuesday, as usual, and decided against it. Brian had scheduled a deload week for pulls this week anyway, and between that, my hand still having a huge hole in it, and everything else I had going on, I decided it would be best to pass on it. Thursdays accessory day was the same.

Saturday we squatted, again gearwhored up with the reverse bands. Was kind of nice, as there werent 700000 people there as there was last week. Felt pretty fortunate as my buddy Alva came over to help, and Chuck V rolled through too. Here is how that went

665x2 (added briefs and belt after)
755x1 (added suit straps up after)

did some experimenting with the gear as far as wraps, straps, and the rest. Finally was able to notice that knee wraps do indeed make a difference, so i guess I will end up wearing them. Dammit.

Accessory work was some back, hamstring, and ab stuff, nothing too outlandish or crazy. Its accessory work.

Saturday afternoon, after training and eating, I took off for the Keystone State. Plan was to drive around, watch Scott Yard lift on Sunday, drive around some more, and take a few days to unwind, do nothing, and let my brain shut off for a bit. Ended up achieving all of those. Put 900 miles on the car, hung out with some friends, made some new one, and rocked out my hotel room like a fucking BOSS. Actually had a good time at the meet too. Was nice to be at a meet where I didn't have to do anything, help anyone, or anything else. Just hang out, bullshit, and have a good time. Best part? No one talked a single thing about training the whole meet. Not to me. Not once.

Was an awesome weekend, and looking at it now, was pretty badly needed. 16 or so hours in a car by yourself gives you a lot of time to think about shit, or, to think about nothing. I would say my time was split about 50/50, and I think I'm better for it. Kind of funny, on Sunday, I noticed that I hadnt seen a single police officer anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. ANYWHERE. No State police, no local cops, NOTHING. Whipped out the spacephone, started to make a joke about it on twitter, and find myself on the shoulder, clocked at 81 in a 65. WHOOPS! Purple Heart plate pulled through, and I was let off with a written warning. Thank you Officer Boyer of the Pennsylvania State Highway Patrol! Funny part to me was that I was in neutral coasting down a mountain. Needless to say, I slowed it down a bit. Not too much though. hahaha

Time will tell, but it looks good from here. Back to the grind this week though. Not really. I'm on spring break, its noon, and I haven't gotten out of bed yet.

Wish it was still the weekend,
Jason Pegg

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