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4/6/2011 2:25:24 PM -
Last Weeks Training, an update and a PR Video

Sorry for missing the updates last week. I was busy texting your girlfriend and seemed to have missed it. Whoops! Anyway, here is what I got done in the gym.

2 Saturdays ago
Worked up to an opener, 925. Was a total abortion. Somehow managed to get way forward. Was down in there though, and came up pretty good.2 things I learned, I need to remember to bloat up, even when I'm home with my boys, and its hard to squat on 2 hours of sleep and no food the 12 hours prior. Whoops!

Reverse Hyper 3x10
GHR 3x12
Leg raises 3x12

Worked up to 705x2
Leg Press 1x40
Decline Situps 3x15
Hammer Low Row 4x8

Thursday Extra Work
Pullups 30 reps total
Kroc Rows 20 reps each arm
Face Pulls 3x15
Rickshaw Shrug 3x15

Squat Deload
Worked up to 550x2x2 with 5 chains per side in briefs 2 sizes bigger than my meet briefs. Then some situps. That was it.

Id like to say thanks to Brian. Training is going very well for me. I'm 5 weeks out now, halfway through this training cycle, and my strength is moving along nicely. Still feeling healthy too, even though, for the most part, Ive been squatting and pulling heavy every week. My weight is up to around 285 or so, and nothing hurts. I feel awesome physically, and the training is fun. Have a big squat workout Saturday, so that should be interesting.

Were planning on getting drunk and puking on each other,
Jason Pegg

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