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4/22/2011 12:38:02 PM - Gracie V
Question from Gracie about cutting weight for powerlifting

Hey Brian

So rumor has it your the man to talk to about making weight. Im 22 yrs old, 5'4" and usually about 155-157. I compete at 148 and it has to stay that way lol!

So usually I start water loading on sunday for a friday morning weight in...2.5galons every day and sodium load too..then cut off food and water wednesday before bed then make weight sometime thursday pm and have like plain turkey or chicken to stay at 148ish.

A couple weeks ago i did a trial weight cut with a water pill and was wondering when would the best time to take it would be?? I live in canada and compete in SPF so im always travelling all day while making it's tricky .

Any tips to make it as easy as possible would be a huge help thanks


Thanks for the question. I've had my share of cutting weight over the years and I don't suggest doing over 8-10% very often at ALL. I did it for every meet for a long time and not only did it burn me out mentally, but it really messed with my body and the way it reacted and it would rebound like crazy.

Luckily, you arent cutting that much, so here is what I would do.

Starting 5 days from Weigh in:
*Only green vegies for carb source and nuts

*Have any kind of meat that you want and load salt, but dont be ridiculous about it.

*If weighin is on Friday morning, then you dont want to be down to weight until the morning weighins start. Too many people panic and are dehydrated for much longer than necessary.

*Load 2 gallons of water (you being only 150, could get away with less, 1 - 1.5 gallons) for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and cut all water off on Thursday at noon, and only sip on water every time you urinate.

*Have some sour gum handy. I like to spit out my last couple of pounds. It's much more comfortable than sweating, IMO. I recommend Quench Gum. It's fantastic.

*Use a Magnesium citrate product on Wednesday evening. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they are dehydrated to use it. Too late. It wont work properly while you're dehydrated, and the body will just absorb the fluid and then actually they've gained almost 12oz! Not so good.

*If Thursday morning rolls around, and you are already at weight(this is likely)then make sure to eat during the day and dont be worried if you gain some weight. No need to come in way light.

*If you're still sitting at 3-5lb over, On thursday AM, then only snack on protein sources and salads. Your body will flush out the water. No worries

*Use water pill during the evening if necessary.

*Just in case, have a place to sweat available if the last couple LB's are stubborn.

Best of luck!,
Brian Carroll

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