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4/27/2011 12:46:05 PM -
Tuesday - Deadliftingtrainingworkout W/VIDEO

Stretching - lots of doorway type, traditional stuff
Foam Rolling

added Spud's DL belt and KING DLer
720x2 ~ 90% - Vid below

Raw 6" block pull:

Box squat:
3x5 ~ in conventional DL stance

DB shrug: 3x15
Incline DB curl: 3x12
Assorted wrist movements: 4x25
Variations of a plank: 3x30 sec

It's been a LOOOONG time since I've pulled anything over 700. I think Oct 30, at the last meet I last competed, actually. It felt pretty good, considering.

I'm completely horrible at pulling reps, so I'm trying to improve at it. My best double, conventional, is 730, so I'm in good shape. 2 weeks after I pulled a grinding PR of 730x2, I crushed my easiest ever 800 single, so it seems to carry over well, for me.

I will probably go for a PR double in a few weeks. We will see.

JL gave me some tips at the UGSS last year, and Adam and I have since discussed the distance the bar should be from your shins. I have played around with this and found my right position. I think this now helps me keep the bar in closer once it crosses my knee. It would get out in-front of me at times.

I feel that now my pull is smoother, although maybe not as fast off the floor, its still a smoother movement, IMO.

Looking forward to the summer and PRing.

Its hotttt down her,
Brian Carroll

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