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5/18/2011 3:53:48 PM - JPegg
GSB Meet Recap

Well, for the first time in over a year I managed to make it to a meet. I actually didnt even realize it until after the meet the last meet that I lifted in was the Lexen ProAm last February. Ridiculous.

After hanging out at the Learn to Train Seminar Friday I headed out to KY about 4 in the afternoon. I would have stayed later, but Jen Comas' advances became too much to handle, so I left. I had to remind her more than once that it was a family seminar, not a make-a-family seminar. Either way, the drive down was pretty uneventful. Stopped in Lexington on the way down and ate, and wound up at the meet hotel around 10.

Got up Saturday, ate at the hotel, and drove over to the meet site to weigh in. Apparently the scales I had been periodically using were off, as I weighed in at 295.2. I had been anywhere from 300 to 305, and was at 304 at EFS on Friday. Looking around, I was kind of apprehensive. There were a LOT of lifters floating around and only one monolift set up in the back. The meets Ive done there are usually two or three. That being said, there was plenty of weight, and a newish looking Mastadon. In the end, it ended up fine, as Jesse gave us 15 minutes after the first second flight to make sure we were all warmed up. My warmups went like this:

330x1 (briefs on after)
600x1 (suit on after)
690x1 (straps up after)

Warmups went well. Was feeling very strong, and the weights were moving very well. Then, it started...

Opener was 920. It was also going to be a 5lb PR. Not huge by any means, but a PR none the less. The training cycle had went very well, and I figured it would be no problem. In what has become pretty standard for me lifting, insanity ensued. Unracked it strong, and noticed I was shaking a bit. I also never heard the guy run the rack, and stood there to the point I looked at the guy running the rack and asked him if he was going to run it. I was the only idiot in the place that didn't know he had as soon as the bar came out of the racks. IDIOT. called for the rack, walked out the front, told Wade I didn't know it had opened, set back up and took it. Moved slower than it should have, but I was actually a bit forward with it. 3 whites. In the meet. Based on the first, after talking to Alva and Brandon Lilly, decided 965 would be a solid second attempt.

Second attempt was awful. Took it out and was shaking all over. Ended up breaking at the knees and could never get my hips back to where they needed to be. Was an impressive negative, and nothing else.

Took 965 again for the 3rd. Shaking was even worse, and I managed to take it out of the racks and put it right back. Already put one on the spotters, and knew there was no chance I would hit it. Figured I would save their arms and my back. No sense in trying to force it anyway.

Benching went surprisingly well, and, unfortunately for me, was the highlight of the meet. Warmed up to 225, and had planned to open at 250. 3 weeks ago I was in the gym on Sunday jackassing around with Ted and CBear and hit a touch and go 275 pretty easy, so I knew 250 would be safe. It went well, 3 whites. A 25 pound PR. I told Alva that I would let him make the call on whether he thought 300 was within reach. He said yes, and I took it on a second. 3 whites, a good lift. 75 pound PR. Passed on the 3rd. My mind is still blown that I have the ability to press that. Its not a huge weight by any means, but I have not trained ANY pressing in 6 years. I'M COMING FOR YOU DIZENZO.

Deadlifts went much like the squat. Warmups went well and I opened at 710. A 10 pound PR. had pulled 705x2 and 755x1 in training, so I figured it would be no problem. It wasn't. Went to 755 on a second, as planned. It came off of the floor well, but I was a bit forward with it, and couldnt lock it out. Took it again on a 3rd, and started with it way too far out in front. Pulled it about 6 inches and let go. Not a snowballs chance in hell.

TL;DR Ended up setting 4 PRs for the day on 4 of 9 lifting 920-300-710 for a 1930 total. While I did set meet PRs, I'm not happy with my performance at all. The training cycle leading up to the meet went exceptionally well. I dont have any excuses, I just wasn't strong enough that day. How it goes sometimes. Its pissed me off to the point that I am going to be competing at the SPF ProAm this August. I had planned to do a Highland Games meet Here in Columbus, and still might, but my training will still be geared strictly for the powerlifting meet. i had planned to do the Lexen fall meet, and may still do it, but will definitely be doing the meet in August.

I would like to take a second and say thanks to Dave and the staff at EFS. They let me train there, hook me up with gear, and all of the other stuff that I need. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Brian carroll for setting up my training. I have never felt as strong or as healthy heading into a meet, and its directly a result of the programming. Sorry I fell apart on meet day. Will get that fixed for August. Also want to say thanks to my brother Alva and Brandon Lilly for handling me and all of the advice and input at the meet. I really appreciate it. Brandon was handling his girlfriend too, and she had a great meet, by the way. Thanks to the guys at the gym, Ted, Steve, Molly, Scott, and CBear. Good training partners always help.

Already back at it, Video soon,
Jason Pegg

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