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5/24/2011 10:59:23 PM - Joey Smith

Raw Max Effort Deadlift with (VIDEO)

Mike Robertson’s Customized Warm-ups

Lower Body Warm-ups

Soft-Tissue Mobilization:

Thoracic Spine

Dynamic Warm-up/Mobility Exercises:

Supine straight leg Raise
Side-Lying Leg Raise
Lying Knee-to-Knee Pull-ins
Cradle Walks
Single-Leg RDL
Pulsed Hip Flexor Mobilizations
Walking Spiderman
Goblet Squats
Wall Ankle Mobs

Raw Deadlift

raw, conv stance

1 x bar - 3

1 x 135 - 3

1 x 135 - 3

1 x 185 - 3

1 x 225 - 3

1 x 225 - 3

1 x 275 - 3

1 x 315 - 3

1 x 315 - 3

1 x 405 - 1

1 x 405 - 1

Added rev light band

1 x 455 - 1

1 x 455 - 1

1 x 510 - 1

1 x 600 - 1


3 x 12

Standing DB Shrugs

4 x 20

Standing DB Curls

3 x 10


I was excited to try my new deadlift bar out tonight. Much better than pulling with a bench bar for sure. I also wanted to test my left hamstring that had been given me problems too. Everything seems to have gone well with no pain which im glad. I have never used reverse bands before pulling so was kind of curious as to how it would go. I only used lights and it seemed to have helped me more staying in line with my pull than anything. I had not pulled 600 anything since my last full power meet in November so it was good to fill that weight again. I will continue to pull every other week so not to be too beat up plus I am really going to get my form dialed in as well. Another small step but a step none the less. Thanks for reading.

Believe & Become....,
Joey Smith

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