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5/25/2011 2:35:41 PM - JPegg
Last Week, Monday and Tuesday Training

Last week was the first week post meet, and you didn't see any training updates, well, because I didn't do any training. I woke up Sunday, the day after the meet, sicker than I have been in YEARS. Fever, coughing, and some wicked head congestion. This lasted pretty much through Wednesday. Still have the coughing and congestion, but the fever is gone, so I figure it will get better eventually. I figured that it would be better to stay home and deal with it then get right back into the gym and be unproductive. I did a shitload of lax ball and PVC pipe work, as well as a lot of static stretching and recovery type work. I feel awesome right now.

75 swings with a 72lb KB. I know going into the ProAm, on the amateur day, the pace is pretty good. Ive never seen them time someone out, but I know that they get after it compared to some meets. Going to try to go into this meet in better cardiovascular shape, as I know too that the fact they use legitimate parallel for the squat depth will bomb a lot of guys out, as will the lack of a bench only flight. It will help with recovery too, which always helps.

Everything done for 3x10
1A Lat Pulls
1B Belt Squat
2A Single Leg Curl
2B Hammer Strength Shrugs
3A Decline Situps
3B Chins - Done until I got to 30 reps

2 weeks until barbell work starts again

Jason Pegg on YouTube

Starting over,
Jason Pegg

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