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6/2/2011 5:47:06 AM -

Well, I'm not a very happy camper. There is clearly no god and if there is one, I'm in line ti kill the sonofabitch.

First, the eye is causing me some problems. There's no infection, the pressure is good and the structure is all fine and dandy. It's healing. however, there seems to be a blockage in the main blood vessel that goes through the eye. This is causing some seriously painful swelling in my retina. This is very bad. I go in tomorrow for an injection into my eye. I guess this stuff is supposed to help clear things up. AWESOME!

I spent yesterday in the fetal position for most of the day. Then Vincent carted me around to doctor's offices and finally to the pharmacy where I got some good drugs.

Woke up this morning, popped a pill, got in the shower and prepared to head into work. Wouldn't you know, some low life scumbag broke into my truck. I will not write what came out of my mouth as some will judge me. Let's just say, stereotypes are created for a reason. Businessmen don't break into cars at night. They rob banks via computer. With everything that's going on, I'm so thankful that I don't own a gun.

Needless to say, I popped another pill and I'm sitting here waiting to call my insurance company.

Eventually, my eye will heal. My truck will be fixed. I will be moving out of this shithole of a city to live amongst people who are not at the bottom end of society.

You know how people say, "Everything happens for a reason."? They're fucking stupid. This happened because some low-life scumbag was too stupid to stay in school and get a real job. We really need to start following rules like Texas. I could sit in my window with a gun and just wait for some poor shmuck to even look at my truck wrong. Pull the trigger and problem solved. There's a reason why home invasion is some low in texas. They can shoot first with little reprecussions. Afterall, its my property and I was defending it.

If I sound bitter, I am. Could it be worse? Sure could be. Right now, I'm not really worried abo0ut other people's plight.

Matt Rhodes

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