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6/18/2011 11:42:29 AM - Adam Driggers
Suited Squat Traiing w/video. First suited squat since April.

I was able to get back to some serious squat training today. I’m gearing up to take a run at the Pro/AM in August and because of a lot of things I’m way behind where I should be at this point in the game. The main reason for my lack of serious training was baseball. That ends this weekend. The second reason my squat is so off is an injury to my left iliotibial band (IT Band). On April 27th I was planning on gearing up for an all out squat session. I was having a rough time getting loosened up. I was having a pretty severe tightness in what felt like my left quad. I spent a lot of time stretching it with really no relief. I went to 615 that day and got buried when I realized the IT band was the real problem and wouldn’t allow me to come out of the hole when any amount of effort was required. I don’t know how it happened, or what caused me to be so tight that morning, but after some time and some rehab, I feel much better.

With those things out of the way I was confident in putting some weight on the bar today. I knew I would be off, but I have to start somewhere. The main weaknesses I noticed were my knees and explosiveness. My knees felt really unstable. I had to really fight to keep them from rocking on all the sets before I wrapped up with 800. I’m pretty sure that was the issue with my explosiveness. It’s hard to dip and pop out of the whole with any authority when your fighting your knees. I think a day or two more in the suit and under the heavy weight will erase that.

Two more minor issues that I noticed were: My depth, and a double dip on the descent with 800. My depth will come back easy enough. I spent a lot of time training deeper than I ever have before. I’m not concerned with getting there again. Even next week I think I will have that back. The double dip is a load before the dip. I have been bombed on it before so it worries me a bit. I will work on it next week by wrapping sooner and practicing the dip with some lighter weight that I can feel more confident with. I have to get use to not loading the dip. I just wasn’t comfortable with it today.

Here’s what I did to day:

Suited Squats:

405 x 2 in briefs
510 x 1 in briefs
600 x 1 suit straps up
700 x 1 straps up
800 x 1 with wraps

Leg Press:

500 x 15 for 3 sets

Hamstring curls on the reverse hyper:

3 sets of 12 reps

Calves and adductor training

It's a start.,
Adam Driggers

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