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7/29/2011 10:57:46 AM - JPegg
Tuesday Tugging with VIDEO

Did some tugging at EFS Tuesday. It was about all I got accomplished. I don't know if I have torn my lat, or jacked myself up somehow, but it is tight to the point that I cant raise my arm to parallel with the ground. Cant really move it in front of my body at all. There is no bruising, but it is pretty swollen and its giving me a pretty hard time sleeping because of the pain. Either way, got shit to do and time waits for no man. I am 100% sure that its not going to fall off, so I will do what I can until it decides it will do what I want.

All of that being said, it took forever to get loose and I had to work very hard to keep it loose between sets. Did a ton of rope cable rows with 30-40 pounds for 20 reps. This seemed to do the trick and keep it loose enough to do the next set. Here is how it went:

Standard stuff

430x3 (added belt after)

Seated Leg Curls
2 plates 3x10

Leg Extensions
1 plate 3x15

Steep Decline Situps

I am falling apart I think, but fortunately most of it is temporary. I went to the pain clinic Friday and got prescribed an new NSAID for my elbow. I am 99% sure I am allergic to it, as my hands were going from numb and tingling to itching and I got a wicked case of hives. Needless to say, I cut that stuff out, and 2 days later was fine. A sweet Google search showed me that it was what some would refer to as a "Severe Allergic Reaction," but I'm not dead, so I don't care. Other than that, more of the same here, playing video games, and just being awesome.

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Oh yeah, I quit dipping too,
Jason Pegg

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