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8/4/2011 1:58:07 PM - JPegg
Tuesday DL Stuff

Had some pretty big things (for me) come up the last few days that has caused me to change quite a bit around with my training and competition schedule. Ill get into it after the training stuff.

Standard stuff
Lax Ball
PV Roller
Static stretching

350x5x6 (50%) 1 minute rest between sets

Specialized Prepatory Lifts Accessory work - All of these were done for 6 sets of 12 reps in alternating fashion with one minute between sets.

1A Seated Leg Curl 70lbs
1B DB Shrug 60lbs

2A Split Squat Bodyweight
2B Hammer Calf 135 pounds

3A Scorcher Bodyweight
3B Leg Extension 45 pounds

As for what is going on with me? A few things. I finally found a job. Ive been looking for 6 weeks and my first day is actually Saturday. Just so happens to be the same day as the Highland Games I had planned to do, but I need the money more than I need the sunburn and almost guaranteed ass kicking.

Same deal for the Lexen Meet in October I had planned to do. Going to be in a buddy's wedding the same day. I would rather spend a day surrounded by drunken coeds who are smitten with the wedding than a bunch of fat sweaty dudes with tattoos that stink (myself included).

Training has been changed up too. I know I have been jumping programs almost as much as Chris Vaughn lately, but to be honest, there is a reason. I had been, and planned on doing something similar to what Wendler was doing, squatting, pulling and pressing 3x a week. I ran into issues with it financially, as it is approximately 35 minutes or so one way to EFS from The Pegg Compound. Even in the Civic, that adds up to a lot of money for gas, and it is an expense that I just don't have room in the budget for right now. Perhaps in a few months down the road, when I'm back as I should be financially, but for now, its a no-go.

As for what Im going to be doing, its back to BPC for me. I was sitting around analyzing what I had done in the past, things that worked, things that didn't, etc. and realized that I got strongest doing the Block method. I was in better shape, more healthy, and overall better as a lifter when I was doing it than any other program. Right now, it is more in line with my goals than some of the other things I have done, and may go back to later. I know I learned a few things from Brian my last training cycle that helped me immensely, and will be including them in my training when appropriate. Namely, the block pulls and reverse band squats. Those were HUGE for me in that training cycle, and will hopefully continue to be for me once I get into the transmutation block. This week is 16 weeks out from my next meet, which will be the IPA Nationals in York,PA November 20th. Im hoping to be able to push my weight up to 310-320 by that time and lift as a full 308 or super. That range is where I have found I am strongest. Time to eat.

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