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8/21/2011 7:44:57 AM -
Redemption: Prowler Push For Charity Write Up With Pics & Videos

<--That's me helping "clean up" at the end.

If you've been following my log, you know that I've been injured during my last two competitions doing my most beloved event, the deadlift. The latest was just last week.

With that in mind, I surfed into Gold's Gym in Natick, MA not as ready to compete as I have been previously. I always have the fire to do well, but usually, I can't sleep because I'm so excited. Today, I was prepared, but not as excited. Aggressive rehab had calmed my back pain, but the injury still weighed heavily on my shoulders.

The competition was the 1st Annual Prowler Push For Charity (to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project). Will Brink, a man whose writing and videos I've been following for years, put it all together. (It was so awesome to meet him!)

The challenge: Simple; push as much weight as possible on the The Prowler down seventy-five feet of Astroturf. The only catch was a sixty second time limit.

The weight started off at two plates for women (165 lbs) and 6 plates for men (345 lbs). It quickly got much heavier!

I, of course, had selected a psychologically satisfying outfit weeks beforehand. It consisted of
EFS Prowler T
EFS Strong(er) Shorts
And of course, my Metal All Black Wrist Wrap 80cm.

I know many athletes don't think about clothes, but I do. I ALWAYS do. Anything that focuses my mind for battle. (See my Walk In As King article for more on that.)

I ended up taking my ECA stack WAY too early. It was just from having no experience at a similar competition. I watched the women—all the while pacing, grinding my teeth, and making infinity billion bathroom trips. There were some truly incredible athletes, but I truly believe my training partner Angela stole the show. (She got third place behind some scary strong chicks!) I've never seen somebody put so much guts into a competition. Please take a look:

Not to be outdone, friend Kristen White kicked some ass and busted some huge PR barriers:

I can't help it, man. I'm a strongwoman fanboy. The stuff these ladies can do it awe-inspiring.

Afterward, it was time for the men. Rather than writing it all out, I created this visual aid as the shorthand version:

Look at my calves on the last push, and realize that is why Andy Deck, another Prowler addict, does not have calves; he has COWS.

(I didn't make it the whole 75 feet, but it was good enough for second. Besides, you know, that's 3.5x bodyweight!)

During my runs, there's a reason I kept standing up; please see my Addendum for details (not excuses; I promise).

My friend Chad, who Jason Pegg quite some time ago called, “a lovable power bear”, is converting off powerlifting to strongman. He did a hell of a job in his own right.

I got second, which is awesome, and I got some confidence back by NOT GETTING HURT!

Tyler Easson, who placed first, was a friggin' beast; he ended up pushing 810 lbs with what looked like ease (but probably wasn't).

I did not get a trophy, which is fine with me; instead, I got
Blast Straps
Fat Gripz well as butt load of supplements (not just samples), two books, and two t-shirts! Again, props to Will Brink for all of this!

Speaking of, Will said he will be putting in multiple weight classes next year, as this year was just men and women. He wasn't sure of the turnout, but it was enough to convince him of that.

Next year, I am going to be even more ready, as I have promised myself a Prowler in the next few months. I have great love for the wood sled that my dad built me, but after today, I realize that I need to step it up to kick some ass next year!

Big thanks to Angela, Chad, Kristen, and John Sullivan, as well as the myriad spectators, for their shout outs and support. Gratitude especially to Will Brink, an ardent EFS supporter (1st place got a Dragging Sled for heaven's sake), for setting this whole thing up.

Please head over to the Brink Zone Facebook page, where you will find an incredible free resource for serious athletes.

Note below that I was so pumped up after competing that I ended up pushing the car around a parking lot later. (See below.)

Please Visit #1 Science-Based Performance Resource

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2011 Mass. State Strongman/Strongwoman: 08/27/11
Maine's Strongest Man 2011: 09/17/11
4th Annual NH Strongest Man/Woman: 09/24/11 <--I am competing.
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Please also read the competition addendum,
Chris Vaughn

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