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8/22/2011 12:01:49 PM -

Pro Am Week Recap

Monday 8/15
BW: 315.6

Treatment: Graston and manual release therapy on Hamstrings

Tuesday 8/16
BW: 315.2

Treatment: Graston and manual release therapy on Chest and Quads

Training: 2-3x15ish on DB Incline Bench, Chest Supported Row, 45 degree Back Raise

Wednesday 8/17
BW: 314.2, begin Carb Reduction

Treatment: Graston and manual release therapy on Upper/Lower Back, Elbows

Diet: Meal 1-3 Sccop Juggernaut Anytime Shake with 2 TBSP Peanut Butter, Meal 2-12 oz Salmon, Grilled Zuchinni, Meal 3-Same as Meal 1, Meal 4-14 oz Ribeye Steak, Steamed Spinach

Thursday 8/18
BW: 312.8

Travel to Cincinatti, depart CA at 2pm, arrive in Cinci at Midnight

Diet: Meal 1-5 eggs scrambled with spinach, turkey and cheese. Meal 2-3 Scoops Juggernaut Anytime Shake, 2 Handfuls Almond and Cashew Mix, Meal 3-12 oz Chicken Breast, Broccoli

Friday 8/19
BW Upon Waking: 312.0

Steam Room for 20 Minutes, BW 308.0

Weigh in: 305.4, scale was light or mine was heavy by about 2 pounds

Diet: Meal 1-Sausage and Pepper Omelet, 3 pieces French toast, 4-5 glasses of water, Meal 2-2 scoops Juggernaut Muscle Growth Formula and 2 scoop Instant Oat Muscle, Meal 3-Footlong steak, cheese, spinach and jalapeno sandwich, 2 chocolate chip cookies, Meal 4-1/2 or large meat lovers pizza, 4 pieces of garlic cheese bread, 4-5 glasses of water. Throughout day-40 oz of Gatorade mixed with 64 oz of water.

BW at Bedtime: 311.4

Saturday 8/20
BW Upon Waking; 311.0

Breakfast-1 wheat bagel with peanut butter and jelly, 1 bannana

Squat-Warmups: Bar x10, 135x5, 250x2x3, 340x3, add belt, 470x2, 560x1, 610x1, add knee wraps, 730x1

Squat-1st Attempt: 835, 3 whites, 2nd Attempt: 905, 3 whites, American Record at 308s, 3rd Attempt: 935, no lift

905 breaks Troy Nash’s 308s American record of 903.9 and places me in a tie for 10th all time in the World at any weight class. I consider it to be a great honor to be on that list with such greats as Don Reinhoudt, Jon Cole, Malanichev and everyone else. 935 would have put me 5th all time, but that and more is for another day.

During Squat-2 Scoop Juggernaut Muscle Growth Formula, 2 scoops Instant Oat Muscle
Lunch: Footlong steak, cheese, spinach and jalapeno sandwich, 2 chocolate chip cookies

Bench-Warmups: Bar x20, 135x2x5, 225x2x3, 275x3, 315x2, 365x1, 405x1, 455x1

Bench-1st Attempt: 485, 3 whites, 2nd attempt: 530, no lift, tweaked pec, 3rd attempt: Pass

Snack: 2 scoops Juggernaut Muscle Growth Formula, 2 scoops Instant Oat Muscle, 2 Sweet and Salty Bars

Deadlift-Warmups: 135x2x5, 225x3, 315x2, 405x2, added belt, 495x1, 585x1, 635x1

Deadlift-1st Attempt: 735, 3 whites, 2nd Attempt-810, no lift, 3rd Attempt-Pass

Wrap Up
I felt great about my training cycle coming into this meet. I am WAY stronger than I was at the March Pro/Am and I think my squats showed that. I come away from the weekend though frustrated with myself, because I failed to stick with my plan and I feel I had a weak mental game. I had only planned to take 905 in the squat and pass the 3rd, but when 905 flew up I gave in and tried to go big at 935. While I was certainly strong enough for 935, I couldn’t put it together technically. The miss at 935 was in my head the rest of the day and took a lot out of me physically. My training certainly had me ready to bench around 550 and pull over 800, but my lack of discipline and focus spoiled that for me. All in all, I would give my performance a C, which may sound crazy considering the American Record squat, but I didn’t go to just squat, I want big totals. My hip and chest are a little beat up while I’m writing this, but nothing major.
Thanks to EliteFTS for the support and all the good luck and congratulations I received. I had a great time this weekend with all my EFS teammates, Brian Carroll (Congrats on the WR at 275s and thanks for the wraps and lending me your handlers), Zane Geeting (Red Nation was on the iPod while I was getting wrapped for 905), Clint Smith, Matt Kroc (Looking extra huge), Jason Pegg (You’re welcome for being your hero) Michael Keck (Good lifting and thanks for the interview), Jen Keck (Thanks my lil camera woman), Dave Kirschen (Great meeting you and thanks for the help with Kevin), Josh McMillan (looking shredded), Julia Ladewski (Great lifting and thanks for the videos) and of course the boss, Dave Tate. Thanks for all the support guys, it really means a lot.
I also want to congratulate my Juggernaut teammate, Kevin Torres, on a great performance. I have been training Kevin for about 4 months. Kevin is 17 and competed as a 165, raw. Kevin’s squat of 565 places him #1 on the current powerlifting watch rankings and is the best 165 squat since 2008. He totaled 1405, which will rank him 7th on the current rankings. Kevin was following the 9 Day Work Week and spent most of his training cycle, also performing tons of running during his spring and summer football practices. This was Kevin’s 1st meet and he is going to be a GREAT lifter.

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Chad Wesley Smith

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