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8/23/2011 7:30:24 PM -
Pro-am meet write up

First of all, I want to thank my training partners, and wife for the ability to go and lift with all the help and support. I really appreciate it guys, and I love you all.

The meet venue was a very, very good one. Plenty of room, and the best equipment around, with plenty of it to use. Mike/Lou/Jesse really did a great job. This was my favorite venue thus far. There were plenty of hotels to choose from, and plenty of places to eat, just within a mile or two.

I weighed in at 275, after cutting a few lb, and ate pretty normal for the rest of the day, to ensure I didn’t bloat up too much for my gear. We all went to dinner the night before the meet, and had a great time. Dave told me I’m by far the most handsome man on EFS, and I should have a XXX website etc.

Going back to my training cycle, I had some SERIOUS struggles. In mid july, my back was so locked up, that I couldn’t even squat in the 7’s. It was killing me. I get adjusted 2x per week and at least 1 massage every week, but once you put massive weight on your back, it changes everything and it’s been that way for the last 5 years of 1,000lb+squats. I also had many shirt problems this cycle. I was too big for every shirt that I owned, and I was passing out, not touching boards, unable to press easy weights, you name it. Well, I made some adjustments and got through the shirt issues, and really attacked my back problem and actually salvaged the cycle to some degree.

I woke up at 282 and I knew that I was pretty much where I trained at all cycle. Now, it’s no secret that I have had my struggles at the pro/ams over the last 4 years, and that has NOT really set well with me. I have no excuse, so this year I didn’t want to play with my weight too much, nor did I want to come out and miss a bunch of lifts and go 3-9. My openers were set super light, and I felt confident that I would smash them.

Warm-ups went well. I was sitting back good, and getting great speed.
Last warm-up was with 950 and it felt easy
Opener – 1050 easy
2nd – 1130 easy
3rd – 1185 – hard, 275 WR squat, but weird at the top and rack

My first 2 squats were stupid easy. The 1185 was hard for me to sit back on. I shot forward out of the bottom, and was on my toes the whole time and as I was locking out, my left calve was popping bad and tearing. I kept it there as I was starting to lose my balance and got the rack call/motion 2x and no rack.The controversy was in the rack call. Since some people didn’t see or know I got the rack motion/command, they figured I just didn’t get the lift and lost it at the top. That’s fine and I could understand that but that was out of my control. I did what I could for a good lift and for best squat and the all-time record.

Last warm-up was 700 – 1”
Opener – token – 145 RAVVVVVVVV
2nd – 750 good
3rd – 770 good

I wanted keep the money and record I had earned, so I played it safe. The 750 felt ok, and so did the 770. Not a good bench, but it kept me in the hunt for 2nd place in HVY WT.

By now my quads were cramping like crazy, and so were my QL’s and my bum calf. Fighting that squat really beat me down. Oh wahhhh, why don’t you just pullout since you’re down by 150?? Hahaha Good question – I was neck and neck with AJ for second, so I was still in the hunt.

Last warm-up to 625
Opener – 735 – easy
2nd – 775 – not easy, stiff leg
3rd – 785 -- legs gone, not even close!

End Total 2730 – going 7/8 with a 40lb squat PR and a 30lb total PR

I didn’t have any leg drive on my 2nd or 3rd, so had to back it up. My 3rd was a shot in the dark, since I didn’t know what I need to beat AJ. AJ made his second, so I actually ended up needing like 795 anyway for formula, so I was in 3rd in an extremely competitive class.

I’m satisfied that I cracked 2700 again, and even though it was a very humbling experience, I really enjoyed the meet and competing with the very best multiply guys, currently.

Dave Hoff looked unstoppable and was. It was pretty amazing to see, actually. I’m currently ranked #2 in the world at 275 multiply and I couldn’t hold this guys jock, on Sunday. AJ had a very good day too, and like I said, he edged me out for 2nd. Donnie went big, and so did Jake and the Finn, who broke Gregs long standing total record. I was lucky to beat those guys and take home some more cash. My goal going into this was to place and I accomplished that. I knew that Hoff would be super hard, AJ difficult, Jake difficult and the finn would be too, along with Donnie and others.
Props to Mike Ferguson for putting on a great meet and making it run smooth. Congrats to Clint Smith for winning 2nd in the wittle guys division and having a PR day @220. Congrats to Laura and The Toon for a great meet breaking records as well. Chad had a great day – amazing squat, and Mike Szudarek hit a nice PR total along with Zane Geeting.

My training partners Keith and Tony did an amazing job handling Clint and I, and I can’t say enough about them. I can’t say enough about my wife either. She was all over it – running around, showing video, taking video, calculating totals, coefficients, expediting etc.

Thanks to Dave Tate and EFS for all of the help and letting me test the JACK line. I’m very much looking forward to getting a JACK shirt. I think that will be key for me. Thanks to Westy at CriticalBench for his help with meet expenses. Thanks to SpudINC for the belts. They are the best and a huge thanks to Team Samson for the support and help over the last 8 years, and the support of my wonderful wife – I can’t say this enough.

Time off is on the horizon. I’m beat up right now and the plan is to get healthy and get a JACK shirt dialed in, so I can make up some ground with my bench. I’m also going to focus on training partners to help them dial in for their meets in the next few months. I may do a bench meet or too this year, still, but no full meet until at least march. I have to get my bench dialed in and get flat out stronger. This will take time.

I can’t say enough about how humbling it is, to have been able to compete in this meet, after pulling out just 6 weeks ago. I’m so very glad I pushed through and thanks to DR. Amy for her help and to Alisha for her massage work. I’m so appreciative.

Videos soon!

Brian Carroll

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