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8/30/2011 4:19:59 PM -
Some Lifting and Plans Moving Forward

Quick lift today, before I start to get back into things for real next week...

1) Long Warmup with Medball Throws, Beyond ROM Pushups and Scap Mobility Work

2) Bench-Up to 315x5, backdown 225x25

3) Chest Supported Rows-4x8

4a) Blast Strap Curls-2x10
4b) Blast Strap Tricep Extensions-2x15

Short and sweet day, now onto my plans moving forward from the Pro/Am. My squat is great, its only getting better, I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing there. I felt like I could have made 950 on my 905, because my technique was near perfect. That is the first time I have realized the power of technique in lifting, that squat technique is gonna get dialed in and I'm gonna smoke 950+ at my meet in December. The bench and deadlift were obviously not what I wanted at the meet, but they were great in training. Bench the answer is simple, I missed 2 weeks of soft tissue work, while my doctors were out of town, my pecs got hurt and couldn't recover. If my treatment was consistent, I would have been near 550 at the Pro/Am, I'll be there in December, no doubt. Deadlift is the most confusing lift for me, I've only been training it for a bit over a year and have already gone through many technical permutations (ie. rolling the bar in, static start, stance width, etc). I think what I need is a fairly wide conventional stance, static start and to really get my hips down at the start. My attempt at 810 at the Pro/Am was basically straightlegged, because I didn't drop my hips. My legs are obviously strong, so I need to put them to work with more of a clean style deadlift. I need to be more thorough in my warmups (which is easier during the fall/winter because the gym isn't as busy since athletes are in season) and improve my hip mobility. I think I also need to find different footwear to squat and pull in. Though my Olympic shoes have been great to squat in, now that I'm going to a wider stance with more forward toe position and really trying to sit back and utilize my hips and hams more, the height of the heel is a bit too much and isn't letting me sit back as well I should. I'd like to find a similar shoe with about 1/2 the vertical change from toe to heel as I have now, Adidas Sambas may be the ticket. Those will probably also work well to pull in with a more clean deadlift style. I currently pull in just socks (ballet slippers at meets) but a bit of a heel will allow me to get into a better starting position I believe.

Training wise, the only changes I will be making for the next meet, IPL Worlds on December 2nd, will be to shorten the most intense period of my training cycle. I was going hard for nearly 16 weeks into the Pro/Am and that was just too long for me to stay fresh and focused. This time around I will be doing a concentrated loading block of sorts, utilizing both The Juggernaut Method and 5/3/1 for the first 8 weeks of meet prep. I am going to squat, bench and pull 2x/week for 8 weeks at low intensities to build my special work capacity, dial in my techniques, put on some size (I'm the smallest 6-1 315 pound guy you'll ever see) and give my CNS a break from near max effort work. Then for my last 4 weeks of meet prep, I'll switch to the 9 day work week, do a week of 3s, week of 2s and week of 1s, deload and then compete. I feel very good about this plan and have BIG numbers in mind for Vegas on December 2nd.

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