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9/6/2011 12:27:11 PM -
Catching up on training posts

Friday was a deload so I used it to do a ton of rehab and prehab stuff. If anyone is curious as to what it was, hit me up on the q&a. I don't feel like remembering it all if nobody cares to read it.

-The awesome eight (my personal warmup)
-Physio ball crunches 3x10
-Physio ball rev hyper 3x10
-SSB squats 205 5x5
-Trap bar dl 315 3x5

First of all, the awesome eight is really just a joke. I probably did in the neighborhood of 10 different warmups. I figured everyone is about custom plans now, so I should come up with a killer marketing name for my warmup. I'm not going to explain this again. So, if you are one of my loyal readers, you are now in on the joke.

Secondly, the thigh is still a little squirrelly. It feels like it wants to give out. Lastly, I was doing hook grip sumo dl's, but I gotta say, I don't feel much overall work from sumo pulling. It almost feels like cheating to me. I went back to the trap bar. I just feel like I get more muscles involved with the trap bar. Plus, if I pretend I can start pulling that draws me closer to my pipe dream of a full meet again one day and I know my body cannot handle that.

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Knowin' when to fold 'em,
Vincent Dizenzo

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