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9/15/2011 2:50:03 PM - JPegg
Tuesday Deadlift Transmutation and what I ate

Transmutation block started Tuesday. Ass kicker, but this is where 90% of the strength gains from the training cycle come from.

Foam Roller
Static Stretching
Random Moving around

420x1 (Added 54 King Deadlifter straps down)
530x4 (70%)
545x4 (72%)
545x4 (72%)
656x4 (75%)
565x4 (75%)

SSB Squat
315plus 2 chains 5x5 RPE 7-8

Pin 5 Rack Pulls


Calf Raise

ASS KICKER. Lower back was demolished. Upper back was as well yesterday. Averted pretty quickly, as I feel fine today. Hopefully that means I'm in decent shape. Sorry for no videos, I manned up and managed to put dead batteries in the flip.

1: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive and some Peanut Butter, Zero Carb Monster
2: BDs Mongolian Grill x3
3: Another Shake No PB
During Workout: 3 scoops Anaconda, 2 scoops Mag 10, 4 scoops Surge Workout Fuel, 2 finibars
PWO: 2 scoops Surge recovery
4: Footlong fried Chicken from Subway, Pepsi
5: Homemade Nachos, 2 donuts, Pepsi
6: 3 scoops MD before bed

Standard backloading stuff. Calories are high, but the M&Ms, mike and Ikes, 2 liters, etc are gone. There is some pop, but its cut way down.

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School started yesterday,
Jason Pegg

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