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9/23/2011 11:50:32 AM - JPegg
Deadlift Transmutation with VIDEO

Actually did this Tuesday. Been pretty busy with work, school, and being awesome, so Im just getting to it now, but that's how it goes sometimes. I squatted first, as I didn't get to the gym at all this past weekend. Normally that wouldn't happen, but I need to get some reps in the suit. Ill talk more about it after the training stuff.

Jumped on the scale. Bodyweight was 302.1

Standard Warmup Stuff

420x1 (added 46 Jack briefs after)
510x1 (added 54 Jack Suit After)
600x1 (Jack Briefs off, Ace Briefs on)
800x1 (added reverse light band, straps up)
940x0 (awful weight selection on my part here)

540x4 (77%)
560x3 (80%)
575x3 (82%)

Rape Bar Squat to 14" box RPE 8-8.5

The RAPE bar? The Rackable cAmbered sPidEr bar. Had my lower back and erectors SCREAMING at me. They weren't happy with me the last few days either. Doesnt matter. I'm the Boss, Tony Danza.

Stiff Leg Deadlift RPE 8-8.5

DB Shrug

Ab Work


Seems like a ton of work, and it was, especially considering that it was 1130 or so at night before I got started. Was almost 2am when I got finished. Pretty sure that that fact was the issue with my squats, as I was shaking like Micheal J Fox on a meth bender. Once I broke my hips I was fine, but the unrack was just the opposite of how it should be. Soft and unstable. Im not sure I like the Jack briefs yet either. for them to fit in the hips and legs like I want them too they have to be smaller, and that smallness carries up through the top of the briefs. They're tight enough around my midsection and I have a hard time pushing out into my belt. My suit is the exact opposite. I am going to have to get it taken in a half inch or so on each side to get it to fit like I want. I absolutely love the suit though. The rebound is ridiculous. Interested to see how it turns out come meet time. Just over 8 weeks out now.

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Youre the boss Tony Danza,
Jason Pegg

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