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9/28/2011 1:28:11 PM -
Back from LTTS and Vacation

I had a great time at the LTTS. I got to meet lots of great peeps who are looking to improve technique and get strong(er) no matter what their goals are. I want to thank Dave, Tracy, Rachel, Zach and all of Elitefts that helped put this together and made it possible for us to give back. Its always a good time to see everyone as well.

All of the speakers had really good presentations and got their points across. I came a little late and got to hear the last 40 minutes of Jeremy Frey yell about block training. I say yell, because his voice carries so damn much, and it startles me. Anyway, he told me back in May, that our training really isn’t that different. I just nodded my head and smiled, and could think of some parallels, even though I didn’t really think they were all that similar. Keep in mind James “the thinker” Smith had just finished presenting block, and he totally had me lost as hell and I had no idea of where he was coming from bc the dude is over my head. Not his fault, I just cant follow it.

On Friday, Once Jeremy explained the different phrases, I really did see how they were not very different at all – my training is not as “structured”, and I don’t do as many reps but Aside from that, they are very similar ie – they both program taking the heaviest weight a few weeks out from meet --to “peak”, without over training. They both use a main exercise, followed by a specialty exercise, then higher rep assistance movements. This was a big one that I never realized. Anyway, lots of similarities. Pretty cool I thought.

I was really impressed by John Meadows as well. He was very easy to listen to, and had lots of good info that pretty much everyone could apply to their dietary goals. I had to leave, but I would have loved to pick his brain some. Shelby just the same, but John seemed to talk a bit more and elaborate. I got to talk to Shelby one on one before, so that was cool. Smart guy.

I had a great time at the seminar on Friday, and the hands on went well Saturday. I always enjoy helping and coaching the guys and gals who show up to learn. I really liked the rotating stations and it seemed to make the time move faster as well. I coached at the DL station, and finished up at the squat station. We really got to work with a lot of people. I believe there was about 80 in attendance?

I had to take off on Saturday night, and unfortunately didn’t get to train with the guys on Sunday morning. I did get to do some benching Saturday morning, and I will post about this in another entry. We made plans to go see the wife’s family in WV before the LTTS was announced, so we made 1 trip out of 2, and headed that way for Sat evening, Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday. Great time away.

I’m now back at home, and the get-away gave me time to reflect, talk to fellow lifters and get some new ideas about training, supps, gpp, and gear. I’m feeling excited about cranking my training over the next couple of months, and making the improvements that I need to make. I will post about this more as the week progresses.

Vacation is a good thing! I get too caught up in the day to day, that sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture. Enough sissy boy talk, right, whats wrong with me?

And what's up with my head?? It's shrinking here and the ......

estrogen is overtaking my brain!!!!!!,
Brian Carroll

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