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10/14/2011 10:49:25 PM -
Friday - A great f'n bench night!

Nifty Nine personalized super duper warmup
Bench 50x20, 100x10, 1 board press 140/190/230/280/320/370/410x1
Add Metal Jack shirt 2 board press 600x1, 1 board press 800x1, to chest 850x1
Floor press w/4 chains pinkies on ring 225 2x10, 275x10
Upright barbell rows 135 3x10

Iced pecs/shoulder 20 minutes

This bench session was the first step in pulling everything together. My well laid plans are bearing fruit. Cutting back on training and increasing rehab and recovery paid off tonight. Going to bed a good two hours early last night was helpful as well. The last piece was figuring out a new set and rep scheme for my bench warmup. The two hundred lb jumps in the shirt seemed big, but I thought it would leave me more fresh for my money set. Needless to say, I was pleased with the results.

Thanks to the whole crew for seeing me through this. I'm especially appreciative for Rhodes and Brian's help. I bounce all my ideas off them. As Brian told me, if you want different results, sometimes you have to try different methods.

I am keeping in mind I have not accomlished anything yet. I'm three weeks out and have a lot of work left to do.


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Vincent Dizenzo

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