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10/17/2011 6:07:12 PM -
Going from memory

The image above is what happens when you leave your kids in the gym with Todd Brock and Zach Nicolay. My son HAD to take a few of his stuffed birds into the gym with him so the next thing I know there are birds launching across the gym. Check this off as one more use for the Mono Style Squat Stand.

Training Log Updates

Friday - I wanted to train back but wasn't able to get it in. This ended up being a total day off. My wife was out of town and my kids ended up being much more than I could handle. I was able to slip in 40 minutes of cardio around 10:00pm.

Saturday - Chest

This was a great session with John Meadows and Ryan Smith.

We started with 4-5 sets of machine chest presses to warm up and then moved to...

Decline Hammer Press with Bands
* 4-5 sets of 8 using 2pps and one quaded up mini band per side.

Chain Flies
* 4 sets 12 reps with 2-3 chains per side.

Reverse Band Press
* Worked up doing sets of 5. I topped out at 345x5. The best part of this was it didn't kill my shoulder and I was able to actually use a full range of motion.

Cambered Bar Push Ups with Chains
* 4 drop sets. The first set was going to around 90% failure and then pulling a chain off and then going to total failure.

Machine Flies
* 2 sets 15

Rear Delt Swings
* 2 sets 35 reps

Light Pushdowns
* 4 sets 15

No Cardio - cheat meal day.

Sunday - Back

One Arm Hammer Rows with Bands
* 2-3 warm up sets working up to a heavy set of 10. Took a good rest and then went after the same weight for as many reps as I could. I ended up with 20 reps on the right arm and 16 on the left. The weight was 3.5 pps with quad mini band.

Low Rows
* 1 warm up set, then on to 3 sets of 10. Not sure of the weight. This was more for contraction and stretching.

Pull Downs
* Light weight for BIG range of motion. 5 sets 8 reps.

Chins s/s with Straight Arm Pull Down
* 4 sets ? <- 12-15 - to failure

Shrugs with Rickshaw
* 4 sets 8

Cardio - 40 minutes before bed.

Monday - Legs

Lying leg curl
* 3 warm up sets of 10
* 5 sets 8 - on the last set finished with 25 partials

Leg Press against Bands
* 4 warm up sets with bands (double light band per side).
* Worked up to 6pps and did 5 sets 8 reps

Belt Squats
* 2 warm up sets with 135 and 225
* 315 for 3 sets 10

Leg Extensions
* 2 sets 25-30

Standing Leg Curls
* 2 double sets

Cardio - 2 hours after training - 40 minutes


Training and Diet changes for this week.

The plan for this week is to pull the cardio out some more. It will drop to 4 sessions of 40 minutes.

Other changes will be 3 low carb days except instead of 50 grams of carbs on these days it will go up to 100.

One high carb day - the amount of carbs will be based on my weight. This day will hit after 3 low days. The carbs will be between 400-800. This call will be made later in the week.

All the other days will be moderate carb days (around 250).

Protein stays the same (300-325) as do fats (100-120)

Cheat Meal - this happened Sat and we make adjustments on Sat.

Check these out. We'll get some videos of this soon but these kicks my ass and destroyed my triceps. Real happy with this one...

Bear Crawl Handles

Dave Tate

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