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10/28/2011 8:04:41 AM -
Back to the grind...

Well its been a week and half since the show and just getting back in the gym. Been playing catch up on law school work and felt like i was drowning trying to drink water from a firehose! I knew this would be the case and planned on cutting training back to 3 days a week. Last few weeks of classes now and i can feel the crunch.

Friday Squats (last week)
hips felt limber and loose but everything felt heavy and slow. I added green bands to my usual so that may have contributed, should have broke back in slower.

Squats w/ green bands- up to 420 for 5x5 in under 25 minutes
Bench- just to test it- up to 405x1
GHR- 4 sets 12 reps
lat pulls- 6 sets of 12

morning weight 218... before the all u can sushi bar...and steak n' shake milkshake... 227 after

Drove 6 hrs home to see my mama this weekend, no training and blew it out on the food! Got up to 230. Drove back monday so no training.

Tuesday- upper body
woke at 5am, 12 hrs of classes, finally worked out at 930pm, when im usually bout ready for bed. Felt good goin in, but not once i got under the weight. Everything was heavy and it was discouraging. Everybody has bad days; im still trying to accept that i fall into that category of everybody else... i dont like being reminded that universal rules actually DO apply to me.

bench- 275x5, 315x5x5. these were tough and i barely got all 5 last 2 sets... wheres my straw?
seated OH DB press- 65x10, 80x10, 90x10, 90x 8
med grip low cable row- 4 sets of 10 progressively heavier; last 2 sets same weight
pulldowns, DC Style w accentuated stretch every rep- 20/10/10=40 reps total- goal is to increase reps

Sam Byrd

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