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10/28/2011 8:07:44 AM -
Weds- lower body day

All set up for my next PL competition in Jan down in Texas, the Raw Unity Meet 5. Its a raw meet, obviously, without use of knee wraps. Should be a great line-up. Ive got my first training phase mapped out ill post up later. Its a 3 day a week upper/lower split. May need some adjustments as i go, but i got the template down.

Weds- lower body
breaking in slow after the last sq and bench sessions; ill be building up gradually, progressive overload style

Defranco's "Agile 8" warmup
rack pulls from knee- jumped by plates, 5 reps each, up to 675x5.- felt good. i know whatever i can pull for 5 from there i can pull from floor, so thats a good starting base for me. had more but want to build momentum as the weeks go. This game is just as much about confidence as it is strength.

shrugs- 405x3x10reps- really sucked at these. had trouble keeping my belly tight and supported which cause me to tweak my low back. havent done these in years, like 6, so will take some practice

hack squats- up to 4 plates x8 reps. low back pulling too much so stopped. dont know what that all about.

bdywgt 1-leg sldl for hip mobility- 3x10reps each leg
**these are alot harder than they look!

Sam Byrd

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