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11/4/2011 3:43:14 PM - Clint Darden
Thursday, Oct 27, Squat PR VIDEO

Felt "decent" as I'm still having issues in one spot or another. Stomach, sinus, allergies, etc... This was to be the last week of my Circa Max Box Squat cycle so I wanted to really push as far as I could.

I woke up in the night puking but I felt better every minute. My thought process on training when feeling like this it to stay very calm, stay cool and near a fan, and just train set by set, nothing more.

We also have a family maid. And by family I mean she covers my wife and I, my mother and father in law, brother in law (his wife and 2 kids), grandmother and grand father, aunt/uncle/3 kids (one wife and child), and the neighbors next door (5 of them). If at any time she is doing someone's laundry and she doesn't have a full load, she comes to our house and takes some of ours to fill the load. I THOUGHT that my squat shirt was still in my bag (where it had been for a month) but when I got to the gym I realized that she had snagged it to clean it (imagine!). So I had to squat in a single ply t-shirt!

Box Squats: Strong and Average Bands
476+bands (340?) x 2 x 5 sets
Good Speed

On my 2nd rep of my 4th set I immediately got a head ache that started through my neck and went up through the back of my head through my eyes. I used to get these with heavy band tension squats years ago and when I had regular migraine headaches.

Stayed calm, got my 5th set, iced for 5 minutes.

601 x 1 (staying relaxed)
689 + bands x 1...PR

Strap Bar GM's (actually help my head)
151 + bands x 3
241 + bands x 3...PR

Strict Log Press
100/220 x 6...Rep PR

GHR (afraid to magnify my headache)
2 light bands x 6 paused (killers) PR

1 solid set, lots of reps PR

Atlas Stones
190 lbs to 62 inches

Turned out to be a good day BUT I'm still dealing with the headaches, sinus pains, eye pains. If anyone has any ideas why this is happening to me on squats...PLEASE DROP ME A LINE!

Picked up my son after school and went to the park for some training!

Bind Me With Bands,
Clint Darden

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