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11/7/2011 5:46:57 PM -
Last weeks training

Tweaked my friggin back this last workout and here i am a week later and still givin me fits. im fallin apart. i think its pullin everything else outta whack trying to compensate too cause my knees, neck shoulder and elbow all hurting too. I also tweaked my pec on wed benching 245 for reps... its always something... when its just 1 thing at a time i can push thru it, but now they start to aggregate on me and it makes everything suck.

Mon DL... sucked. back still killin me from wed. barely pulled 585 and stopped.

Wed Bench... bench 245x6x3reps, 1 attempted set to failure, got to 8 and felt a painful grinding in pec, 9 same, started 10 and decided not to risk anything. sore as hell.
did some light low rows, 8 sets of 10
1 arm front db raise- 2 continuous sets of 25lbsx12/10/8/6= 40reps (20/arm) = 1 set.

fri squats
back still aggravated and hips sore, so tried some box squats. i never do these cause im always afraid im gonna miss the box and kill myself.

box squat to 14 inch box- worked up to 510x2x2, 600x2, 650x2x2; felt a tweak in my left glute... see i told u they are ganging up on me! nothing serious but i decided not to push it and shut it down. still got 11 weeks to push cant afford another injury now.

ghr sit-ups alternate set with close stance body weight squats 15abs/30squats x 4 sets

Mon- bench
took off to let my pec rest and recover. still hella sore

ate all weekend and my weight shot up to 247 last night, 240 this morning. Gotta get this back off! Need to be sttin around 230-233 morning weight for RUM in Jan; should be there once this water comes off--looking like a low carb week

Sam Byrd

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